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The NFC is full of some salty people.

Philly fans, as we are just a week away from seeing our beloved Philadelphia Eagles face off against the Kansas City Chiefs in the Super Bowl, these past few days have been surrounded by bad vibes. The vibes are not bad for the Eagles or the Chiefs but for the rest of the NFC. See, in the past few days, some prominent players and executives in the NFC have shared their "opinions" on Philly.

Though they don't realize it yet, these said "opinions" have added locker room material to fire this team up even more. From salty 49ers and Giants fans to players speaking out almost relentlessly about the Birds and how their season has gone. Sure, it is simple enough to say that they are doubters, but truthfully, they are just straight-up salty.

For those of you who have not heard the doubters or have not seen some of the stories floating around, we here at FPF will tell you our favorite three salty moments from this past week. We will rank them from least to saltiest.

3. Julian Loves' kind words about Nick Sirianni.

For those who don't know who Julian Love is, he is a starting safety for the New York Giants. You know, the one who, for some reason, closed his eyes on a 4th down throw to DeVonta Smith that turned into a walk-in touchdown. Yea, that guy.

Well, Mr. Love on Good Morning Football came out and decided to say that he is on "a free ride" because of the team's talent and that the crew of GMF could "coach that team." He is not a fan of the Eagles' head coach. The excellent news, Philly fans, is that you will not have to put too much heat on the New York Giant because many national media members and the Eagles' own Brandon Graham already have.

As Sirianni is leading his team to the Super Bowl, I am sure he is not too bothered by the team they smacked in the Playoffs.


2. Brandon Aiyuk confirmed that the 49ers are crybabies.

With this being the most recent bulletin board material added, 49ers receiver, Brandon Aiyuk, did not mince words when he said that the Chiefs are "going to expose the Eagles' defense" just like they "were going to expose their defense" before they, unfortunately, couldn't. Aiyuk also said the 49ers were "hands down the best football team in the league."

Well, they will be the "best football team" watching from the couch this upcoming Sunday. Aiyuk is on a long list of salty Niners fans who voiced their complaints via social media. Mr. Aiyuk, the Eagles' were not the ones who decided only to have two quarterbacks dressed for the NFC Championship game against the best pass rush in the NFL.

Enjoy the couch, homie.

1. Jerry Jones might be losing it or does he not actually understand football?.

Ah yes, it couldn't be a fun time without a team owner of a divisional rival chiming in his two cents, right? Yes, that is right, folks; the Dallas Cowboys owner, Jerry Jones, had some words and opinions of his own regarding the Eagles making the Super Bowl. Mr. Jones, during an interview, stated that some teams like the "Rams and Eagles' had gone all in to make it to the Super Bowl, while his team "is building for the future"

This comment was extremely curious because the Eagles and the Rams are nothing alike and their roster construction came from two totally different places. The Rams do fit the profile of what Mr. Jones was talking about, but the Birds, not so much. If you do not remember, Philly had three first-round draft picks this past season, plenty of talent still on their rookie deals, and two first-round draft picks again in the upcoming 2023 draft. Not to mention that Philly has now made it to another Super Bowl appearance, while Dallas has not even made it to the NFC Championship game.

The comment was truly puzzling to many, considering it now seems like he does not understand how football works. However, given his team's prominent' post-season success, it now starts to add up.

Honestly, as stated before, the bulletin board material just continues to poor in to a point, where if the Eagles win the Super Bowl, hell is going to be the price to pay for these negligent comments.

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