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Takeaways from a Minshew-led Week 13 victory.

Alright Philly fans, as most expected, well maybe most, the Philadelphia Eagles headed out once again to face the New York Jets. After a back and forth pair of scores between the two franchises, the Eagles were able to pull ahead and stay ahead to secure a victory, 33 to 18.

Now, of course, this victory is going to come with some controversy as the Birds head into their Week 14 bye-week, but offensively this was a solid performance by this team. As far as defense goes, that's a different story altogether (we will get to that) and the special team had some major blunders as well. However, this team is back on track and is right outside of getting a playoff spot.

Let's get into some things we all learned from Week 13.

1. Minshew played okay, but Hurts is still going to be the focus point.

As always it seems that this team can not get through one season without some form of controversy, particularly at the quarterback position. With Jalen Hurts being sidelined due to an ankle injury, Gardner Minshew got his first start this season. He played well and was able to keep the offense moving forward, finishing up with 242 yards, 2 touchdowns, and no interceptions.

Most are going to put some stock into the fact that this was against the 31st ranked defense in the NFL, but you may want to peer a little bit further that he played well. However, especially in the second half of the game, you could see the limitations that Minshew had. Sirianni already said in his post-game interview that Hurts will remain the starter.

Fun fact, if you felt like this offensive game plan seemed familiar, you would be correct. The offense passing attack from this Eagles' team was almost identical to their Week 1 victory over the Falcons.

2. With Smith covered, Goedert and Watkins had a great game.

The Jets' biggest defensive game plan was to take DeVonta Smith out of the game entirely. Mostly throughout the four quarters of the game, Smith saw double coverage and they ensured that his big-play ability was limited. With Smith being heavily covered, both Dallas Goedert and Quez Watkins came up big as the other passing targets.

Goedert was over 100 yards of receiving and two touchdowns on the day, with Watkins getting 3 catches for 60 yards. Running back Miles Sanders also had himself a big day with having over 120 rushing yards and 22 receiving. Some concern was starting to arise that outside of Smith and Goedert the Eagles' passing catchers fall way off, but everyone did their part today.

3. Jake Elliott is having a career year.

Not going to spend a lot of time on this one, especially since we have written about Elliot a few times, but the Kicker is having a career year. After such a shaky season last year, Elliott not only has had an incredible bounce-back year, he is likely to get a Pro Bowl nod as well.

4. What in the h*ll happened on defense?

One thing is absolutely for certain, no one saw the Eagles' defense playing this badly against one of the worst offenses in the entire league. The Jets had no business being in this game, yet because of Gannon's game plan and terrible play, the Jets were trading touchdowns with the Birds' for a large part of the first half.

Seriously, there were points in the game that the safeties were not even in view of sight. After a few weeks of gaining a lot of traction for this defense and players strengths being used to their advantage, this team was getting shredded by a quarterback who is having the worst rookie season because they decided to play zone coverage and two-deep safeties, which allowed Zach Wilson multiple areas to throw to.

This defense was so bad, it almost put a damper on the fact this team did win. It won't be looked at or viewed heavily because they were able to finally clamp down and shut the Jets' offense down, but if they had lost this game, Gannon would be a high priority talk of being fired.

5. The whole situation surrounding Hurts being out was odd.

So, let's be honest for a second. Hurts being inactive was very strange. Simply because just a few days prior he said he was playing and he was even practicing. Then it was put out by Derrick Gunn that he was ruled out, then it was walked back by several reporters saying it will be a game-time decision.

Understandably they are going to want to ensure that Hurts get as much time to recover, but why the dog and pony show? Just say he was out. I am not sure just odd.

Well, it officially looks like the Eagles are just out of the 7th seed and their playoff hopes stay alive for another week.

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