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Should The Eagles Trade Miles Sanders?

The Philadelphia Eagles season is almost at the halfway point and fans' worst nightmares have become true; this team is nowhere near being a contender. Through the first seven weeks, the Eagles are holding a 2-5 record which is 7th worst in the league. With Philadelphia’s odds of making the playoffs now at just 17%, the question is: should the Eagles tank their season for a brighter future?

Let me be clear when I say “tank their season” I don’t mean guys going out on Sundays and playing poorly on purpose, but instead trading away valuable assets for draft capital to build the future. The Eagles currently hold 11 draft picks in next year’s NFL Draft (Eagles’ Draft Picks Weekly Update: Week 7) but could easily add more by trading away some big names to teams who need that last piece to compete for a Super Bowl.

One name that is hot right now is third-year running back Miles Sanders. When used effectively, Sanders is a guy who has the talent that can give a team 100 rushing and 100 yards receiving per game which he proved during his first two seasons with the Birds. But this season Philadelphia has looked to have abandoned the running game and have not been using Sanders to his best availability.

Sanders is on his second to last year on his rookie contract so teams wouldn’t even have to give him much money to get him right now. There are teams who would love to add a Miles Sanders to help them get to that next level to reach a Super Bowl. The Eagles could easily get at least a third-round pick for Sanders, but if they find the right team who is desperate to find that key addition, maybe the Birds could get even more draft capital.

Do you think the Eagles should trade Miles Sanders? What would you expect in return? Or do you think the Birds shouldn’t tank and keep fighting for the playoffs? Let us know in the comments and interact with me on Twitter @John_Pentol_

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