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These two draft picks are haunting the Philadelphia Eagles.

Philadelphia Eagles: 2 draft sins are haunting this team.

The Philadelphia Eagles have made some good draft picks and some extremely questionable ones over the past few years. Out of all of those draft picks, two of them are haunting this team and it is time that general manager, Howie Roseman, admits that they were mistakes and move on.

Roseman gets criticized often for his inability to draft solid players, but he has had some solid choices that have turned out to be foundational pieces. As stated earlier, he also had two major draft sins that will forever haunt this team. Those two are receivers JJ Arcega-Whiteside and Jalen Reagor.

Philly fans pretty much universal agree that Whiteside has already been labeled a bust and outside of some solid blocking, he has been a non-contributor to this offense. ‘JJAW’ entire career total yards of reception is 254 total yards and one touchdown. To put that in perspective the draft choice that the Eagles did not take, D.K Metcalf, has already surpassed 2500 career receiving yards and 25 total touchdowns. That’s a 10:1 ratio.


The only thing that overshadows this draft pick is the selection of Miles Sanders, who by the way, also has more receiving yards in his rookie season than JJAW. It is more than obvious that the Eagles coaching staff is aware of the talents that Whiteside brings to the table and that has shown his considerable snap count drop, when he is active and healthy.

The next draft sin that this team needs to cut its losses on is 2020 first-round pick, Jalen Reagor. It is starting to also be a common agreeance amongst this fan base that Reagor is panning out to be a bust and a black eye on this franchise for not selecting wide receiver Justin Jefferson. However, what many fans do not know is why the Eagles made this choice in the first place.

It has been out on the Twitter world that the organization was split when it came down to their pick, but ultimately went with Reagor. But why? Why would the Birds select Reagor over Jefferson? Unfortunately, most might not like the answer, but the answer is simple. They took a gamble. Coming out of the draft, Reagor had all the intangibles that made him extremely appealing to this Eagles’ offense. Speed, vertical, and contested catches are just a few things that made Jalen stand out in TCU.

Also at the same time, Jefferson was widely considered to be a slot or possession receiver.

Remember, in 2020 the Eagles had two top ten tight ends and a big body possession receiver in Alshon Jeffery, so the real use of Jefferson was not really there (obviously many people were wrong). Just to shed some light to this, the Eagles were not the only ones who saw his potential. In the first few weeks, especially the first week of Reagor’s debut in the league, he was one of the most cushioned wide outs in the entire NFL. So you might be asking yourself, where did the gamble go wrong?

Well, the two biggest knocks on number 18 coming out of college was his effort to win one on ones and his overall attitude at times. Unfortunately, Eagles’ fans and this team have only seen his downfalls a majority of his professional career versus his appealing traits.

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