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This Eagles team is still tied to Wilson Rumors.

As the Philadelphia Eagles are nearing the end of their 2021 season, so much has been made about this teams QB position. Rather from fans or media being behind Jalen Hurts to be the guy or for the push for this team to look somewhere else, it has been the most talked about topic all season long.

Coming into this season it was put into spotlight that the Seattle Seahawks were not against listening to possible trade packages for their franchise quarterback, Russell Wilson. It was even reported that he would be willing to waive his no trade clause for the Dallas Cowboys, Denver Broncos, New Orleans Saints and the Las Vegas Raiders.

As always as it seems to do with these types of rumors, it has evolved. NFL reporter, Jordan Schultz, stated earlier this week that Wilson would “strongly” considering waiving his no trade clause for the Broncos, Giants, and the Saints. Not soon after that NFL insider, Adam Schefter, also reported that he would also waive the clause for none other than the Philadelphia Eagles.

Schefter also went into detail on the fact Wilson may even welcome the trade. Now, that of course is great news for the Eagles and fans alike, but that unfortunately is only one speed bump that this team would have to get through in order for this type of trade to happen.

To be honest, the Giants being on the list should be a concern to many Philly fans, especially since it is looking like they will have two top ten first round picks in this upcoming draft. The position of that capital could look appealing to a struggling Seahawks team. Of course, we have to note that if it came down to it, the Eagles would look more like a formidable suitor.

One would think if all is true that Wilson would simply look at the fact he has core of young receivers and one of the best offensive lines in the NFL. Not to mention he would also have not one, not two, but three solid running backs to help keep the pressure off of him. With that being said it is possible that the Eagles could get into a bidding war for Wilson, who seemingly isn’t having his normal season performance. As we at FPF had put a poll out recently on twitter, it seems that so far this fan base would not be okay with this team trading the farm for the veteran QB.

So what would it take to get Russell Wilson on this team?

Philly Voice’s own Jimmy Kempski had recently published a story of what type of capital would it likely take to get Wilson in midnight green and we here at FPF largely agree with him. At least a pair of first-round picks and minimally a player (like Dillard or Hurts). To us, this seems to be about what the market is going to be, but with a lot of teams being quarterback desperate, a veteran like Russell Wilson is big time prize.

Only time will tell.

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