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The Eagles obtaining Russell Wilson is not that simple as some may think.

Alright Philly fans, it seems that it will be another year for another quarterback controversy. Even though Eagles’ general manager, Howie Roseman, came out explicitly saying that Jalen Hurts will be the QB in 2022, there is still major speculation that Philly will still seek a QB elsewhere.

Now, is this possible? Yes it is. Having as much draft capital as Roseman has this year, is like a kid in a candy shop. However, he was pretty clear and straight forward about Hurts, as was head coach Nick Sirianni. So let’s play devils advocate here a for a second. Let’s say the rumors and speculation are true and Howie is going to trade for a veteran, like Russell Wilson, what does that exactly entail?

Price tag for trade is just one obstacle, which we will get to, but bringing in a veteran like Wilson is not just as simple as trading some draft capital. There are many more obstacles that would have to be overcome before this would even become a reality. Let’s dive into some of them and see if this can even be accomplished.

In a realistic scenario, this is what the Eagles’ face:

1 Wilson may want to stay in Seattle.

This is first and foremost. After some issues during this past offseason, the rumors of Wilson going somewhere quickly went away and after his injury setback, the Eagles’ fans seem to be the only one keeping this alive. The one major reason why Seattle would even be willing to entertain these offers is because they do not have a lot of draft capital this year.

Even though they do not have a lot of capital this year, they are going into 2022 with 50 players rostered and over 40 million dollars in cap space. With that type of cap space, they could backfill their problems spots fairly quickly with solid talent. Yes, the Eagles’ offensive line, DeVonta Smith, and Dallas Goedert may be appealing, but leaving Tyler Lockett, D.K Metcalf, and Chris Carson for younger unproven talent may not be.

2. If Wilson does not want to come to Philly, he doesn’t have to.

Another big objective to get over is if Wilson does decide he wants to part ways with the Seahawks, he gets to say where he wants to go due to his no-trade clause and from every report out there, Philadelphia is not one of those places. Could that change? Sure it could, but that goes back Seattle having the ability to beef up their roster.

As stated earlier, there are some appealing things in Philly, but ultimately they are not much better off than the Seahawks are. So, you may ask yourself- “Well why can’t Howie just sign free-agent talent?”

I am glad you asked.

3. Along with a draft pick asking price, Wilson comes with substantial monetary responsibilities.

This is something for some reason fans keep putting way back into their thoughts when it comes to this topic. I, myself have found to be in conversations about this situation and it is always “Well, Howie can figure something out” or “Cap is not real, it’s just a number”. Yes, Roseman is good at figuring out different cap scenarios, but one of the major reason no block buster talent was brought in this year is simply because the Eagles did not have the money.

Russell Wilson will bring a minimal 24 million dollar cap hit with him, which will then put the Eagles’ 10.4 million over. Even with the Brandon Brooks restructure factored in, it's not looking great. Not to mention what it does to 2023 cap and beyond. So bringing in more talent to surround him with is not as simple as it seems.

To be clear, if Wilson leaves Seattle, he is going to be looking for a big time deal.

4. Even with their draft capital, the Birds could still be out bid by another team.

Take a second. Go onto other teams twitter pages and see what they are saying. I have and guess what? They are all saying the same thing as Eagles’ fans. In a nutshell there is about 6-7 teams who are QB desperate, including the Broncos, Steelers, and the Dolphins. All three of these teams have a ton of cap space, are going to be in good draft position, and have a majority of their cornerstone pieces already in place.

The only real appeal is the Eagles have the capital now versus future picks, but they just have too many questions on the roster. Just a thought, the Birds’ own divisional rival in the Washington Football Team, was in talks of trading for a QB as well. Our own Connor Donald wrote about their biggest needs, and there is a lot of them.

I will be honest. I am in the Russ or bust camp and am I not saying that is 100% impossible, but ultimately fans have to be realistic about the current overall situation that this franchise is in.

Never say never.

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