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Who is to Blame? Sirianni, Hurts, or Roseman?

The Philadelphia Eagles season has not started the way they expected it to as they currently sit at 2-5 after a loss to the Oakland Raiders. Going into the season, most Eagles fan knew that this year wasn’t going to end with new head coach Nick Sirianni holding the Lombardi trophy, but they did expect more effort to be given on the field. Fans have gone back and forth with each other on social media arguing who has been the main cause of the Eagles’ poor play, but the three main targets have been Nick Sirianni, Jalen Hurts, or Howie Roseman. So, whose fault is it?

This is Sirianni’s first season being an NFL head coach and his play calling has shown it. Sirianni has completely abandoned the running game despite having one of the league’s top talents with Miles Sanders. Sirianni has solid offensive weapons beside Sanders, with young quarterback Jalen Hurts, rookie sensation wide receiver DeVonta Smith, up and coming tight end Dallas Goedert, and more. But Sirianni has yet to call plays to get the ball in these guy’s hands and let them win ball games. Sirianni will have to make drastic changes in his play calling, until then Eagles fans should expect similar results.

Sirianni has thrown a lot on the shoulders of young quarterback Jalen Hurts, who essentially is still considered to be a rookie quarterback as he has only played a handful of games. Hurts showed signs of excellence last season under Doug Pederson despite not winning games, but it was enough to win over fans and the front office to keep Hurts around for another year. Hurts proved himself to Sirianni in training camp and earned the starting position and has put up decent stats but hasn’t made enough plays to help this team win games. Hurts has the potential to be a big name in this league with his ability to make solid throws and make plays with his legs and speed, but until he is put in the right offensive scheme we won’t be seeing the true potential of Hurts.

Howie Roseman is the architect that put this team together and has been on the fence with Eagles fans for years. If you go on twitter right now, I promise you will find at least 30-40 tweets just from today asking for the Eagles to fire Roseman. Roseman is the one who helped bring in Nick Sirianni, and the one who drafted Jalen Hurts, and traded away Carson Wentz, so Roseman’s decisions have changed this team from a playoff team in 2019 to on pace to a top 5 pick in the NFL Draft. One bright spot is Roseman has made some trades that currently have the Eagles to have at least two first round picks in next year’s draft with a potential of a third. (Eagles’ Draft Picks Weekly Update: Week 7)

Who do you put the blame on? What next steps should the organization make? Please comment below and interact with me on Twitter @John_Pentol_

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