Checking in on the heroes and zeroes of a Week 8 victory.

Philly fans, our Philadelphia Eagles are again victorious as they advance to 7-0 on the season. In Week 8, the Eagles hosted their in-state rivals, the Pittsburgh Steelers. There is some history between these two franchises, but the biggest fact that always has a spotlight is that the Steelers have not beaten the Birds in Philly since the 1960s. Well, I am here to tell you that the streak continues as the Philly boat raced the Steelers, winning 35-13.

Getting into this matchup, within the first quarter, both teams were able to put up a touchdown on the board, and it seemed that both sides of the ball for Philadelphia were playing shaky. Post the first quarter, the Eagles never looked back, putting up four more touchdowns on this Pittsburgh defense and only allowing Pittsburgh to have just 6 more points for the rest of the game.

This team is truly shaping up as a juggernaut in this league and is continuing its conquest to head to the postseason. Not to mention, they still are putting it together, which is insane. Alright, enough is enough, let's get into the studs and duds of this Week 8 victory.


1. A.J Brown, WR

Some thought that Brown was paid too much, and the Eagles traded away too much capital for the veteran receiver. Now it looks like the Birds stole him from the Titans, and is truly worth every single penny he is being paid. While already having a Pro Bowl season, A.J Brown added to his resume today with 6 catches for 156 yards and 3 touchdowns. Pittsburgh just did not have an answer as the Hurts and Brown connection just continued to heat up throughout the game.

2. Jalen Hurts, QB

Someone had to throw the ball to Brown and that someone was Eagles' QB1, Jalen Hurts. The young quarterback had him self a day throwing for 285 yards, 4 touchdowns, no interceptions and completing 67.8% of his passes. Hurts finished the day with 140.6 passer rating and is continuing to keep himself in MVP conversations.

3. C.J Gardner-Johnson, S

What seemed like a slow start for the recently added safety, Gardner-Johnson came into this game with 31 total tackles, 4 pass deflections, and 3 interceptions. After the close of the Eagles' game against the Steelers, the young safety can add another interception and a sack. He is quickly establishing himself as one of the better safeties in this league.

4. The entire defensive line.

Even though they still allowed over 100 yards rushing, this defensive line came away with 7 tackles for a loss, 6 sacks, and a forced fumble. Even in limited snaps, new addition Robert Quinn was putting on the pressure against the young Pittsburgh quarterback. It has been a little quiet in the sack department, but they have put themselves back on the board in a big way.

5. Miles Sanders, RB

Sanders is starting to become an unsung hero for this Philly offense. Sanders, who couldn't really get going in the first half, put up some big numbers in the second half and finished the game out with 9 carries for 78 yards and a touchdown. As of today, Sanders is on pace to have his first thousand-yard rushing season.


1. Tackling

Going into the bye week, a big area for the Eagles' defense to clean up was their tackling, and it seems like it is still a major issue. This defense attacks the ball aggressively, but sometimes it fires back at them as players are continuing to get yardage and still don't cough up the ball. They really need to focus on this as it has helped teams stay around more than they should.

2. James Bradberry, CB

The veteran corner didn't have an awful game, but ultimately he just did not look like his normal locked-in self. He had a bad penalty and just looked like he got beat on a lot of routes, not super concerning, but something to mention.

3. DeVonta Smith, WR

This is really a name that I did not think would ever be on this side of the list, but he just did not have a good game. In Week 8, Smith had a bad dropped pass that would've resulted in a first down and a really bad decision while on a screen pass that resulted in a ten-yard loss. He is one to learn fast, so hopefully, this is the last time he will be on this list.

4. Rushing defense.

Not going to spend a lot of time on this, but the Bird's rushing defense is an absolute concern. Not having true gap control, plus tackling issues has allowed the Steelers to have over 100 yards rushing. Over the past few games, this is something opposing offenses have picked up on and has resulted in points on the board against this team.

Not to mention, their best run-defender, Jordan Davis, may miss some time.

5. TJ Edwards, LB

Edwards has mostly been playing great football this season, but over the past few games, he has struggled, particularly in tackling and pass coverage. He has done a lot of work this offseason to get better, but he can sometimes become a liability.

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