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5 Eagles' observations following a terrible Week 7 performance.

Alright, Philly Fans, let's all take a moment to gather our collective thoughts and lower our blood pressure. Take a deep breath in and exhale. All set? Now that you are in a calm manner, it is time to admit something that most fans do not want to admit. This team stinks. Not only does this team stink, but they might also be the worst/best football team in the NFL.

We mean that though there is no blockbuster talent all over this roster, they do have playmakers on both sides of the ball. It's not like some other teams in the league who have no one to depend on. Not going to dwell much on a recap of how the Philadelphia Eagles Week 7 matchup went; just say it may be time to really blow up this roster.

Honestly, we all knew this was a rebuilding year, but God bless, they have not only been losing badly, but they're also not even competitive. This game was a total team collapse, which would be the second of the season (game against the Cowboys being the first). Eagles' owner, Jeffrey Laurie, has to be looking at this team and asking himself what in the hell is happening. As I stated earlier, I'm not going to dwell long on this; let's move on to some observations.

1. Nick Sirianni was outcoached and overwhelmed once again.

Playcalling was once again not the strength of the first-year head coach, but I will give some credit to Sirianni for switching up and being aggressive on certain plays. He ran the ball (finally) for a good majority of the game and had a strong opening drive.

After that opening drive, the Eagles' offense could not get any other points onto the board until late in the game. The Raiders' defense simply just had the Bird's number. Vegas clearly sought out and found a favorable matchup and exploited it all game long, and Sirianni could not adjust to help his team out. I know Jay Glazer had put out via Twitter that Sirianni is not in jeopardy of losing his job, but I am not sure if fans can put much faith into that.

2. Gannon's forced defensive scheme is embarrassing this team.

There are two schools of thought when it comes to first-year defensive coordinator Jonathan Gannon. The first is that his scheme is highly questionable, and his play calling is even worse. The second is that his system works, but the Iggles simply do not have the right players to execute this type of defense.

Well, to make things simple, both schools of thought are valid. The scheme is not so much an issue versus the players this team has do not in any form fit this scheme. How in the world in Week 7, Gannon has not put any change into this defense is criminal at this point.

3. This team is one loss away from a complete roster implosion.

The current trade deadline is approaching vastly, and no matter the outcome of the Eagles' Week 8 matchup, this team should be sellers. However, there are two ways of being a seller. One is to move off of non-foundational pieces, gain some capital, and give the players a chance to compete elsewhere.

The other way is realizing that your team needs more fixes than your physical cap space and draft capital can repair.

This team is a Lions' loss away from entering the second option. If this team is to drop to 2-6 on the season and the Cowboys win their Week 8 matchup, put a bow on it and sell as many players off as you can.

4. Jeffrey Lurie needs to be accountable for this mess

A lot of thought was given last year about the Eagles owner, Jeffrey Lurie, being too involved in the football operations of this team. So far this season, it looks like he has separated himself as far away as possible. Lurie letting general manager Howie Roseman operate freely and physically cost this team millions have to be registered with the owner. Just from a pure business view of things, Lurie can not be this blind to the issues going on with this team.

This is why a lot of this mess falls on the owner. It may have been time to move off from former head coach Doug Pederson and quarterback Carson Wentz, but the events that led up to those departures and the events that have occurred after are a black eye to this franchise.

5. Jalen Hurts chance to be the franchise QB is hanging on by a thread.

As we wrap up this Week 7 disaster, the outlook on quarterback Jalen Hurt's chances of becoming the face of this franchise is slipping away quickly. Any QB can pad their stats with garbage time plays, but that is not what Philly fans should be focused on. The one thing that could help Hurts secure his job in the future is winning despite all the wrong going on.

In the last few losses, there was a hope that Hurts would put this team on his back and carry the offense to give them the best shot in winning. Is that a lot to ask a pretty much rookie quarterback? Maybe, but that's what this team needed. In his defense, it was not for the lack of trying. Jalen's effort is one of the things keeping him on the field, but sometimes the effort is not enough.

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