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Eagles' winners and losers from a Week 15 victory.

Alright Philly fans, after a bunch of non-sense thanks to the NFL and the lack of backbone, the Philadelphia Eagles were able to walk out of Lincoln Financial Field victorious. Starting off this Tuesday night game (once again, way to go NFL 👎) it quickly was looking to become the 'Garrett Gilbert Game'.

To start the Eagles' first offensive series, a terrible dropped pass by Dallas Goedert turned into an interception, allowing Washington to go up by 7. Another bad turnover created by Jalen Hurts led to a Football Team field goal and the Birds were down by 10 in the first quarter.

At the start of the second quarter, the Eagles finally settled down and started to make plays on both sides of the ball, racking up over 500 yards of offense and only allowing 17 points. This team was finally able to put the nail in the coffin winning 27-17.

Time to hand out some winners and losers trophies.

Winner: QB Jalen Hurts.

With missing Week 13 due to an injury and Gardner Minshew playing extremely well there was a ton of doubt growing if Hurts would be the guy or not in 2022. The second-year quarterback needed a bounce back game and he had one. After a rocky start in the first quarter, Hurts was 20/26 on completions, 334 total yards, and 3 touchdowns against the Washington Football Team. The future for him is still unknown, but he is not going down without a fight.

Winner: RB Miles Sanders.

After having back to back games with 100+ yards rushing, Sanders was able to put 131 rushing yards on the ground against yet another great run defense. He is cementing himself once again as RB1 and is entering this stretch of games looking strong.

Winner: The Philadelphia Eagles for selecting WR DeVonta Smith.

DeVonta 'Toe Tapping" Smith once again was out on the field making incredible plays. Smith has 741 yards on the season and only needs 171 more to tie Desean Jackson's rookie receiving record. Once again Smith shows his ability to get open, pretty much when ever he wants. How was this even a conversation?

Winner: TE Dallas Goedert.

Did Goedert have two really bad drops? Yes. Did he also have back to back 100 yard receiving games? Also yes. Have to be honest, those two drops were bad, but TE1 made up for it and then some by stacking up 135 receiving yards and cementing himself further as one of the best tight ends in the league.

Winner: HC Nick Sirianni.

The Eagles first-year head coach has been continuously improving week over week in his play calling ability. At no point tonight did he not have something dialed up for what the defense was showing. It was also good to see him coaching his players hard on the sideline after a very poor start to the game. After many questions on him possibly being a one and done head coach, the future is starting to look bright.

Winner: DT Fletcher Cox

This was Cox's best game of the season by a mile. The veteran defensive lineman came into the game fired up and was charging on all cylinders. His relentless effort led to 4 quarterback hits, 3 total tackles, and a sack and half. Some concern still lingers if the All-Pro lost a step, but he sure was prepared tonight.

Okay, onto the losers.

Loser: Special Teams.

From a unit that was highly ranked for a majority of the season, they have had two games back to back with big time punt returns from the opposing team, including allowing a 39-yard return against the Football Team. A bit concerning and something fans should watch for moving forward.

Loser: Defensive Ends.

Outside of Tarron Jackson blowing up a run play, the defensive ends were almost a non factor. Pressure was generated by the group, but they were just unable to close it out once again. Some of it has to do with the scheme, but a lot of it lands at their feet. Ryan Kerrigan did not even register on the stat sheet.

Loser: Washington Football Team

Literally and figuratively.

Loser: DC Jonathan Gannon

This one is an absolute head scratch because I honestly do not know what in the world was his game plan. You have a quarterback, making his 2nd NFL start...EVER and you are still play zone coverage? You are going to have you all ready lacking pass rush drop back into coverage? I honestly can think of 1 or 2 games this season where Gannon actually had a solid plan going in.

The Football Team had absolutely no business having 17 points and the only reason they did was because the defense allowed it to happen. If we were picking which of the Eagles 2021 coaching staff stays or goes, there may be a strong possibility that Gannon is the first one out the door.

Tell us who you think we missed!

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