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This Eagles team is on a different level.

Philly fans, as our beloved Philadelphia Eagles are getting ready for Week 14, some interesting facts just came out about this 11-1 team. Through out the 2022 season, it has been made clear that this team is not only built to be good, they were built to be great. From the star players added like AJ Brown and James Bradberry to the depth additions like Linval Joseph and Ndamukong Suh, this team is truly built to be a contender.

The recent facts that came to light about this team is one of the main reasons that this team is the best in the league currently. I am not talking about them having the #2 ranked offense or the #3 ranked defense, though that obviously has a lot of reason to due with their success. The thing that has made this team so dangerous is simply their sheer will and mentality entering every matchup.

As this team is set to travel north up I-95 to face against their divisional rivals, the New York Giants, a strong memory of the first matchup between these two franchises has emerged again amongst the fan base. For those who do not remember, last year in the Eagles' first matchup against the Giants, quarterback Jalen Hurts had the worst game of his career.

Jalen was 14 of 31 for 129 and had not one, but three interceptions. This game stung for Philly fans and has not been forgotten by most. You know who else hasn't forgotten about this game, the entire Philadelphia Eagles franchise. How do I know this? What was the fact that we recently just learned?

The Eagles not only have not forgotten about this game, they have used this game as motivation. Not only have they used this game for motivation, they have a picture of it hanging in the Nova Care complex.

Yes, this picture.

Mentality is what separates good teams from great teams. The Eagles are obviously a powerhouse unit, but it is things like this that is separating them from the rest.

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