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Eagles’ Draft Picks Weekly Update: Week 12

As discussed in prior articles, by the time the 2022 NFL Draft rolls around, Howie Roseman could once again be in the good graces of Philadelphia Eagles’ fans. Due to trades made this past offseason, the Eagles are currently projected to have ten picks in the 2022 NFL Draft, including at least two first-round picks with a potential of a third. The best part of those first-round picks is that they are projected to all be top ten picks. The Eagles currently own their own first-round pick, the Miami Dolphins' first-round pick, and the Indianapolis Colts’ second-round pick but could turn into a first-round pick, which is trending that way.

Photo via Before the 2021 NFL Draft, Philadelphia traded Carson Wentz to Indianapolis in exchange for a conditional second-round pick in the 2022 NFL Draft. That pick would become a first-rounder if Wentz takes 75% of the team’s snaps this season or 70% if the Colts were to make the playoffs.

Wentz Snap Tracker:

Week 1: 76/76 (100%)

Week 2: 62/67 (93%)

Week 3: 61/61 (100%)

Week 4: 71/71 (100%)

Week 5: 67/67 (100%)

Week 6: 49/49 (100%)

Week 7: 60/60 (100%)

Week 8: 74/74 (100%)

Week 9: 62/62 (100%)

Week 10: 65/65 (100%)

Week 11: 61/68 (90%)

Week 12: 68/68 (100%)

Season: 790/802 (99%)

70% of the expected 2021 Colts snaps

During the 2021 NFL Draft, the Eagles traded back in the draft with the Dolphins so Miami could move up and draft Jaylen Waddle 6th overall, and the Eagles would use their new 12th overall pick to draft DeVonta Smith. Miami also sent their 2022 first-round pick the Philadelphia in the deal.

If the season ended right now, the Eagles’ picks would be:

Round 1:

No. 8 (Eagles)

No. 9 (via Miami)

No. 14 (via Indianapolis)

Round 2:

Eagles pick

Round 3:

Eagles pick

Round 4:

Eagles pick

Round 5:

Eagles pick

Cardinals pick (Via Ertz trade)

Washington pick

Round 6:

Jets pick (via Flacco trade)

Jaguars pick (via Minshew trade)

Colts pick (via Pryor trade)

You can see the updates above as compared to last week's update: Eagles’ Draft Picks Weekly Update: Week 11

What picks do you think the Eagles will ultimately have at the end of the season? Who do you want the Eagles to draft? Comment below and interact with me on Twitter @John_Pentol_

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