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6 observations from an Eagles' Week 10 victory.

Well, there you have it Philly fans. The Philadelphia Eagles are going to the Super Bowl. I know, I know, wishful thinking. However, that does not mean that their Week 10 win over the Denver Broncos was not a solid win. The Birds went out to Colorado as underdogs and came out victorious with a 30-13 win over the Broncos.

Altogether, this was probably the most impressive win outside of Week 1 for this team. Sirianni had this team prepared for this game and it absolutely showed. After losing a close game to the Chargers a week prior and Denver having a big win over the Dallas Cowboys, the Eagles' ability to beat the Broncos was extremely questionable. They are far from a Super Bowl team (as I stated above), but it seems that they have found their identity. Well, let's get into those observations.

1. Hurts is not letting the noise get to him.

Draft a quarterback, sign a quarterback, doesn't matt, Jalen is making his case to be QB1. Even though the stat heads will not like this game, Hurts put on possibly his best performance of the season against a solid Broncos team. Hurts had 178 passing yards, 53 rushing yards, and 2 passing touchdowns to help secure the Eagles' victory in Denver. Hurts did have an interception (that his arm was hit on) but he commanded this offense and stayed focused throughout the entire game.

Over the past few weeks, the second-year quarterback is starting to string together a solid series of performances and is on his way to possibly earn a second year as the starter.

Good for him.

2. DeVonta Smith had a great birthday.

Not only was it the rookie's birthday, but he also hauled in 4 catches for 66 yards and two touchdowns. One of which was over his former teammate, Patrick Surtain II (you love to see it). Not that it was a real big question mark, but DeVonta Smith is surely cementing himself as a top receiver in this league. What makes Smith great is not his route running ability, it is his ability to fight at the catch point to ensure rather himself or no one comes down with that football.

3. It looks like that Sirianni guy can coach.

As mentioned earlier in this article, Nick Sirianni probably planned, coached, and called his best game of the season. He dialed up multiple plays that kept the Broncos' defense on the bench and his team in the redzone. He stuck with the run, exploited Denver's secondary, and kept his team in the game the entire 60 minutes. Sirianni, like Hurts, is stringing together a few solid games. Let's hope it can continue.

4. This defensive line continues to struggle to produce as needed.

Give some credit where credit is due, DC Jonathan Gannon, changed up his game scheme from what fans are used to seeing. Even with the changes, the most expensive position group of the team only came away with one sack. To their credit, the Broncos were getting the ball out quicker then usual, but that does not excuse the lack of production from this line.

Cox, who played okay, is not getting anywhere near the attention he normally gets and still could not come up with a sack. The recently signed defensive end, Josh Sweat, had one tackle in this game. Just one. The remainder of their schedule should be lining up for this defensive line to start feasting, but there should be some concern.

5. The Eagles may have something cooking at linebacker.

The most exciting things to takeaway from this Week 10 victory is that this team may have finally found some solid talent at the linebacker position. Both T.J Edwards and Davion Taylor have been big time factors in the last few games. Between the two they have 14 total tackles, a pass deflections, and two forced fumbles. They have been solid against the run and have even been good in coverage. Looking at this draft, they have a real opportunity to make this a solid core moving forward.

6. Believe it or not, there is a path to the playoffs.

Crazy, right? It almost seems impossible, but the truth really is that it is more than a possibility for this team to sneak in on one of the three wild-card spots. As it sits, the Eagles are a game behind in grabbing the third wild-card spot, which is currently owned by the Carolina Panthers. With the strength of schedule in the Birds favor, they could land in the 10-7 or 9-8 spot.

Still a long shot, but there is small chance that they can make it in under the radar. If they continue playing like this, a lot of things can start going their way.

What was your takeaways from this game?

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