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Philadelphia Eagles: Watson trade talks have resurfaced.

Alrighty, Philadelphia Eagles fans, we have more news to digest outside of the breakdown from the Eagles' disastrous game against the Dallas Cowboys. On Wednesday, September 29th, Chris Simms reported via his Pro football podcast that not only could current Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson, to the Philadelphia Eagles, but apparently, franchise owner Jeffrie Lurie has also already "given the green light" for the trade to happen.

Here is the video below.

It's not been a big secret that the Eagles have been in on the Watson hunt, but from his sexual assault allegations and the fact that he does not want to come to Philly, it seems puzzling that the Birds are still in on trying to trade for Watson. Not to mention the amount of capital that is still going to cost to get him here.

However, it's not that shocking. From the current state of play by current Eagles quarterback, Jalen Hurts and the fact that his year's draft class for QB's is not exactly the greatest, it could be seen as their only option. Agree or not, it seems for now that the Birds are still in on the trade.

Stayed tuned.

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