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Eagles' trade chances for Watson looks to be closed.

Alright Philadelphia Eagles fans, as most know the Eagles have been linked to the Texans quarterback, Deshuan Watson, for some time now. It was a big story throughout the offseason and even has returned a few times during this season.

There has been multiple different reports on Watson waiving his trade clause for other teams. After it was originally stated back in September that Watson does not want to be in Philly, the rumor mill died off quickly. Then earlier this month, the veteran quarterback was once again linked to the Birds and it was well documented that Howie Roseman has been involved with trade talks to the Texans every step of the way.

Well, as of this morning (10/27/2021) it appears that this conversation might be able to finally be put to bed inside this fan base. It would seem that the window for the Eagles to trade for Watson is officially closing or possibly has already closed. The Houston Chronicle’s John Mcclain, reported that the terms of a trade deal between the Miami Dolphins and Houston Texans have been agreed upon, with one major catch.

The Dolphins will not fully commit until they get clarity on Watson’s current legal situation. NFL commissioner, Rodger Goodell, stated late last night that as of now, they “do not have enough information” to place Watson on the exempt list. Of course that can always change depending upon the outcome if a further investigation.

Either way, it officially looks like the Philadelphia Eagles are out of the hunt for getting Watson in midnight green. Many fans may take this as a positive, but that reverts back to our point that we here at FPF originally wrote about current Eagles QB, Jalen Hurts, being around for a while.

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