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Philadelphia Eagles: Two not-so-crazy trade proposals.

Alrighty, Philadelphia Eagles fans, as the trade deadline (November 2nd) is fast approaching, I wonder if this team will make any moves rather than being sellers or buyers come that time. It would be safe to say, as of now, the Eagles are primarily going to be sellers.

With that being said, a few trade proposals have been floating around surrounding the Birds. Kristopher Knox, a writer for Bleacher Report, posted an article of some trades that could happen and would make sense for different teams. The article included two Philadelphia Eagles players in different trade scenarios.

The first trade proposal is between the Eagles and the Chicago Bears. Knox proposed that the Birds trade the 2020 former first-round pick, wide receiver Jalen Reagor, for the Bears star receiver Allen Robinson and a sixth-round pick. The second trade proposal would be sending 2019 first-round draft pick tackle Andre Dillard to the Clevland Browns in return for a fifth-round draft pick.

We will start with the Robinson trade, as that one is the least likely to happen. The point of this trade idea is that it allows the Bears to get something back for Robinson, who will more than likely be gone post this season. It will also give them a chance with a speed receiver which could add juice to their offense, which does not involve a lot of Robinson. However, this trade does not make much sense for the Eagles. The Pro-Bowl receiver has more or less got in this situation because of his contract demands. It would be shocking for the Birds to pay up that large for a player who might not even suit their needs.

The following trade proposal, however, makes more sense to Philly fans. Pretty much since his first year in the league, Andre Dillard has been a letdown. The 2019 first-round pick had a lot of chances to prove his worth, and he has seemed to shrink every time the spotlight comes onto him. He has played decently while filling in for the left tackle, Jordan Mailata, he has played decent, but if the Eagles could get anything for him in return, they would more than likely do it. The article suggests a trade in return for a fifth-round pick, but the Eagles will probably up that price tag if Dillard plays solid for a few more games.

The proposals are not so crazy, but who knows how the general manager, Howie Roseman, will treat the trade deadline.

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