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HC Sirianni deserves to be in consideration for Coach Of The Year.

Alrighty Philly fans, we are almost towards the end of the 2021 season as the Philadelphia Eagles look to keep their post season hopes alive as they travel to Maryland to face off against the Washington Football team to help secure a wildcard spot.

A lot of things have come and gone, like the Pro Bowl nominees, but there is still a few awards left that have not been handed out, one of which is the AP NFL Coach Of The Year award. This award should interest Eagles' fans simply because head coach Nick Sirianni should highly be involved in these talks.

When you look at this season as a whole, it is incredible how far this team has come. I am not just talking about within this season, I am talking about the growth from year to year. Let's be honest, last year was a miserable year for this franchise and it looked like there was no hope in site earlier this season. The Eagles started off 2-5 and all seemed hopeless, but now are sitting at 8-7 with a chance to head to the playoffs.

That credit belongs to first-year head coach, Nick Sirianni. Though a winning record is nice, he has the stats to prove his case. See below on the Eagles' offense per last year versus this year.

Eagles' Offense Ranking















+ 17




+ 24

Another feather to put in Sirianni's cap is out of all the team who started with losing records and now have winning records, only one of them has a first-year head coach. That in itself is impressive. Philly fans, remember back to Week's 4-7 when this team not only lost, but was embarrassed in multiple games. All hope was lost, heck, most were citing he was going to be a one and done coach.

Fast forward to Week 17 and this team is rolling.

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