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Philadelphia Eagles: Sirianni is following a common trend.

Alrighty, Philly fans, a lot of heat has been on the Philadelphia Eagles' first-year head coach, Nick Sirianni, and rightfully so. Sirianni has had his fair share of issues so far this season, particularly play-calling and game management. His inability to get the offense in rhythm and refusing to run the ball has put a lot of strain on the Eagles young quarterback, Jalen Hurts.

However, believe it or not, Sirianni is following a common trend that he shares with some of the all-time best coaches in Eagles history. In the thick of the season, it is hard to sit back and dissect certain things and withhold judgment, but the struggles Sirianni is facing are not uncommon. In fact, it may even be a good sign, especially if the trend continues. Let's put some context to what we are talking about.

After running a poll via social media, I asked who is the greatest Eagles coach in franchise history. I listed Andy Reid, Doug Pederson, Dick Vermeil, and Ray Rhodes as the choices. Not shockingly, fans primarily voted Reid with 70% of the votes, followed by Doug Pederson. It truly is fitting that Reid would be the one to get the most votes. So as stated earlier, let's put some context to why this question was asked.

The trend that I am talking about and why I listed these four coaches is because they all had extreme doubts from this fan base in their first year, and all of these coaches struggled in their first season. So let's start with Andy Reid.

Many Birds fans may not recall that Reid struggled heavily in his first year as a head coach. The Eagles, in his first year, were ranked 25th in points and 30th in yard per game, finishing the season 5 and 11. Reid then went on to become the most winningest coach in franchise history. Reid took the Eagles to multiple play-offs appearances and a Super Bowl appearance.

The next highest-voted coach was Doug Pederson, primarily because he brought the first Super Bowl victory to this team. It was well documented that the Eagles organization had doubts about Pederson's ability to be a head coach, and he almost did not make it through his first season. After a five-game losing streak, the Eagles went on to win their last two games of the season. That following year Pederson took the Birds on the most unforgettable Super Bowl run in franchise history.

Is there a chance Sirianni does not make it to a second season? Yes, but it would be unwise for Jeffrey Lurie to move off a coach they spent a significant amount of time vetting. The team buys into Sirianni's message, and they still fight for him, so Philly fans relax.

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