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The Eagles sign a DE to help in the rotation.

Alright, Philly fans, post the news of defensive end Derek Barnett being sidelined for the season following an injury in Week 1, the Philadelphia Eagles and fans alike were curious about how they were going to fill the void in their rotating pass rush. Barnett, who had a major ACL injury during that game against the Detroit Lions, was signed back to the Eagles roster for a one-year deal.

Though Barnett in the last few seasons has not put up big numbers, he has been a solid rotational piece, so simply saying "no big loss" is not very accurate. The initial thought by most is that they would have Haasan Reddick and a defensive tackle fill in at the roll, but would that be enough? Honestly, there still is a pretty large chance that this is the route they will go.

However, general manager Howie Roseman is not taking chances and wants to add some depth to the defensive line. On September 13th, he did just that. The Eagles went out and signed defensive end Janarius Robinson off of the Minnesota Vikings practice squad. Janarius, who was drafted in the fourth round back in 2021, initially looked to have a bright future until an injury sidelined him for most of the season.

With the added talent that the Vikings added this season, there was not much room for Robinson, who ultimately signed onto their practice squad. The second-year player was solid in college and from what we at FPF saw during the preseason, he has a chance to help this line. Another big plus rolling in his direction is that he was teammates with Philly's very own Josh Sweat.

Not sure if he will make an impact right away, but he has the chance to stay in Philadelphia for a while.

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