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A few players the Eagles should look into before the trade deadline.

Philly fans, as we are headed into Week 5 of the 2022 NFL season, it is time for us all to face facts. What are those facts you might ask? Simple, the Philadelphia Eagles are a good team. Seriously, this is the type of team and roster that is built for winning. Like the Kansas City Chiefs, this offense has big play potential and the talent to beat teams in multiple ways. The talent on this defense allows it to consistently be aggressive, no matter who is the quarterback.

So, if everything is awesome, why would we even think of Howie Roseman making a move at the trade deadline? Simple, winning teams never settle. Believe it or not, the Eagles can use some help/depth in certain positions. If you do not know, the NFL trade deadline is November 1st for all teams. Though it is only Week 5, by Week 8 we will all have a clear definition of what teams got a shot and which teams can say goodbye to this season.

I would say if the Birds are heading into the deadline with a winning record, Roseman is going to make a move. So, let’s see what talent this team could pry away.

Brian Burns, DE – Carolina Panthers

This has become a bit of a popular name, considering the Eagles already signed away their other pass rusher. Burns, who is still playing on his rookie contract, was a first-round pick in 2019 and has been a solid player since entering the league. Already having 3 sacks this season, the 1-3 Panthers may once again be looking at blowing up their roster and could use all of the draft capital they can get.

Chuck Clark, S – Baltimore Ravens

This name should come as no shock to Philly fans. It become known prior to the start of the season that the Eagles and Ravens were in trade talks involving Clark. Since the drafting of Kyle Hamilton and having the likes of Marcus Williams, Clark has kind of become forgotten. Though he still starts, Baltimore is having some issues and may need to quickly add some offensive talent which Philadelphia could help supply some draft capital.

Kareem Hunt, RB - Clevland Browns

Now, being honest, this is a stretch. However, just because it is a stretch does not mean it is impossible or out of the question to happen. Hunt, who is a free agent next season, really wanted to get a deal done with the Browns this offseason and even was potentially looking to ask for a trade. Clevland will be expecting their starting QB to make a return in Week 10, but by Week 8 the playoffs may be out of reach for the 'Dog Pound' and they will want some capital to help build cheap through the draft.

With Miles Sanders playing so well, one may ask why I added Kareem to this list. The answer is simple. Sanders has not shown in three seasons that he can stay healthy. Also, adding Hunt into the mix with Sanders and Gainwell would just make this team that much more dynamic.

What potential trade targets do you think this team should go after? Let us know!

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