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Who is a better option for this Eagles team? Rodgers or Wilson?

The Philadelphia Eagles have gone mostly quiet during this past trade deadline. It would seem here in the last few years that teams are valuing draft picks more than looking to overpay inside the trade deadline. As far as the Eagles go, really picking anyone up and spending any of their draft capital would've probably been a mistake.

This brings me to my next point. Shortly after the trade window closed, NFL insiders, Adam Schefter and Chris Mortensen were discussing the trade deadline dealings and possible offseason moves that can happen in 2022 on 'The Adam Schefter Podcast. Both went into different details that could happen, but Mortensen was very clear when stating "there’s no question in my mind that Russell Wilson would top their (Eagles) list."

One thing is for sure, it has been made very clear by several NFL insiders that the Eagles would be at the very front of the line to possibly trade for a QB. This should come as no shock to Philly fans, especially with all of the DeShaun Watson rumors that the Eagles were tied to. However, Watson has not been the only name linked to the Birds. Other names have been thrown in the ring, but two majorly stand out. Those two are Russell Wilson and Aaron Rodgers.

Now, in your mind, you are thinking that there is no way in h*ll this is happening. Well, I am here to tell you never say never. Both of these quarterbacks have been linked to leaving their franchises, especially this past offseason. Both Rodgers and Wilson prior to the start of the 2021 season were not happy with what was currently going on in their franchises. NFL Inside Michael Silver had even reported that the Seahawks would be open to listening to trade offers.

I am not going to break down each of these QB's achievements simply because they are well known. However, I think it would fair discussion on which quarterback would fit Philly best. The fans have already spoken to this matter though. After running a poll via the FPF Twitter, fans overwhelmingly chose Russell Wilson. In a perfect situation, who would you rather have?

The Honest answer for me is Wilson. I think Wilson has the mentality to make here in this city and obviously is talented. However, let's just say for hypothetical reasons, what would it take to get him here? To be honest, their is a few obstacles that would have to be overcome. The first is obviously going to be compensation. Now, Wilson isn't as young as Watson, but he is far from being a has-been. We are probably looking at a combination of a few 1st and 2nd round picks to pry him away from Seattle.

I do not think it would be as high of a tag as Watson, but still pretty pricey. The next obstacle to get through is his massive salary. Wilson is set to make about 37 million next season, which would pretty much collapse the Eagles remaining spending for 2022. The next big question is, does Russell Wilson even want to come to Philly?

It would be a curious thing to see how would Howie Roseman work this out, but it would also be awesome to have Wilson in an Eagles uniform. However, fans might want to stick to the here and now as far as this team goes. Only time will tell.

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