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This Eagles team is on a roll in more ways than one.

Philly fans, our undefeated Philadelphia Eagles are hosting their divisional rival, the Dallas Cowboys. Now, if I were to tell you before the season began that heading into Week 6, the Iggles would be not only undefeated but are now looking to be NFC favorites for the number one seed; you would've never believed me.

But here we are, and the Eagles are sitting 5-0 and looking to make it 6-0 post this Sunday's matchup. To be honest, this post will not be about the competition they are facing this week but how they even ended up in this situation to start with. Post-2017, this team has had a lot of ups and downs as far as roster additions in free agency, draft picks, and overall level of play.

Well, as of now, this team is batting 1000, so let's look at five things this team got right in 2022.

1. Understanding and admitting their mistakes.

Let's be real here; this team has had some big swings and misses throughout the past few seasons. From drafting Jalen Reagor over Justin Jefferson to continuously bringing aged-out veterans who could not consistently contribute to this roster. Heading into 2020, this team was an absolute mess. Fans were calling for a leadership change and quickly losing faith in their beloved Eagles.

Fast forward two seasons and the front office has learned quickly and made moves to correct their past errors. From not overthinking it in the draft to signing a legitimate star receiver, they have made this team younger, faster, and full of firepower.

2. Being patient.

At the start of this offseason, it really seemed like this team wasn't going to be able to sign any big-name players outside of the Haasan Reddick. All the big-name players were jumping off the board for massive contracts and high draft picks, but the Eagles did not panic and remained patient. And to their credit, it paid off massively.

This team went from not making many roster additions to adding Haasan Reddick, AJ Brown, Kyzir White, Zach Pascal, James Bradberry, and CJ Gardner-Johnson. All of the addition also came for a discount compared to the rest of the signings in the NFL. Like for real, Titans, you let AJ Brown go for just one first-round pick?

3. Every addition has made an impact for the start.

Not only did Howie Roseman work his magic to get these players, every single one of them has immediately made an impact on this team. Here is the breakdown :

AJ Brown - 404 total yards, 1 touchdown.

Haasan Reddick - 3.5 sacks, 3 forced fumbles, 2 fumbles recovered.

James Bradberry - 4 pass deflections, 2 interceptions

Kyzir White - 23 total tackles, 3 pass deflections


4. Didn't sell their soul for a veteran QB.

It is no secret that the Eagles had an interest during this past offseason in looking to add a veteran quarterback like Deshaun Watson or Russell Wilson. Especially with the Los Angeles Rams going all in on Matthew Stafford and winning a Super Bowl, it seemed like that was becoming the new trend in the NFL. The Birds were even in the mix for a few of them but ultimately got outbid, or that player did not want to come to Philly.

Fast forward to the finish of Week 5, and those teams who made those big moves rather have a losing record or that quarterback is unable to play. Not to mention the money and draft capital they had to give up to get them.

The Eagles dodged a bullet.

5. Doubling down on Jalen Hurts.

Coming off his 2021 campaign as a first-year starter, the thought on him being the franchise quarterback was still split amongst the fanbase and from the looks of it, the front office as well. Hurts ultimately did more good things than bad as QB1, but it truly looked like the franchise was not sold on his ability of leading this team for years to come.

So what did Howie Roseman and company do? Gave him a star receiver in AJ Brown to complete this offense and sat back to see just where Jalen could lead them to. Well, 5 weeks into the season and Hurts is ranked 4th overall, 3rd in passing grade, 6th in total passing yards, 5th in completions, and is tied for second in rushing touchdowns. Oh, and how can I forget? They are also undefeated.

Keep waiting for the other shoe to drop with the young quarterback, but he continues playing like this, he will become the face of this franchise.

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