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Which Eagles' QB gives this team the best chance at winning?

Alright Philly fans, as we are heading down the final stretch of games remaining for the Philadelphia Eagles, a rising question has been growing amongst this fan base. Which quarterback gives this team the best chance to win? Jalen Hurts or Gardner Minshew?

After some doubt has been clearing out and it was starting to look like the Eagles would ultimately roll with Hurts in 2022 disaster struck in Week 12. Going up against a bad Giants team, the second-year QB had the worst game of his career. Now, every player is going to have a bad game or an off night, but to be blunt: Hurts was bad against the Giants.

That performance, adding in a solid game from Minshew a week later, has unfortunately added a lot of doubt all over again if Hurts could be the guy. So, back to the question at hand, which quarterback gives the Eagles the best chance to win? We here at FPF think that Hurts is that answer. Let's get into some reason why.

One of the first reasons why and really is the main reason is simply the athletic ability and overall arm strength between the two is not close. During Minshew's run with the Jaguars, his average depth of target was 27.4 yards versus Hurts 30.6. He also only threw the ball 20+ yards 10% of his total passing attempts. Minshew's best trait is his overall pocket awareness, but if he gets in trouble prepare for a loss of yardage.

The second reason, which for some reason many fans seem to forget, Hurts' running ability is what opens the doors for this offense in both the rushing and passing attack. Week 15 was a good example of what Hurts' legs allow for this offense to do. There were multiple formations and personal packages ran that would've not been possible or even successful with Minshew.

The last reason is more or less attached to the second reason. With Minshew playing, mistakes may be minimal comparatively, but much of what this offense has been successful on (running the ball) becomes much easier for a defense to key on when they don't have to worry about a QB breaking free for 20+ yards. Minshew is a solid player and may even be considered a fringe starter, but this team just becomes limited.

Though I think ultimately Hurts gives the Eagles, I would admit that his leash and room for error have shrunk.

What are your thoughts?

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