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Eagles' have two players selected for the Pro Bowl and one big time snub.

On Wednesday December 22nd, the NFL released it's annual list of those who have been selected for the 2022 Pro Bowl. The Philadelphia Eagles have had at least one player get selected over the past few seasons and this year they had two player be selected.

Both center Jason Kelce and cornerback Darius Slay have been selected to this years Pro Bowl. This should come to no shock to Philly fans as both Kelce and Slay have been elite this year and are also a big reason for a lot of success this team has had. This will be Kelce's 5th and Slays' 4th time heading to this event.

Being that this is veteran centers 5th Pro Bowl nod and already have been named All-Pro three times, this should all but solidify that he belongs in the Hall of Fame. Though no arguments to be made that these two are more then deserving, the NFL slighted one of the Eagles pretty badly and may be one the biggest Pro Bowl snubs to date.

That player would be none other than defensive tackle, Javon Hargrave.

Hargrave started off the year red hot, but had cooled off quickly as the season continued. Hargrave still was making his presence known in each and every game. Hargrave, who is ranked 1st in tackling rate, 3rd in pass rush win rate, 7th in QB hurries, 6th in total tackles, and 4th in sacks was not selected over Green Bay Packers own, Kenny Clark.

Clark, who only beats Hargrave in two other categories was selected to his 2nd Pro Bowl this year. Now, one of the major reasons for the uproar of this snub is that not only is Clark not better then Hargrave physically or statistically, he was picked over several other players who are more deserving.

Clark was picked over the like of Arik Armstead, Greg Gaines, and Vita Vea. Heck, even PFF has Fletcher Cox graded higher then Kenny Clark. Of course there will always be some bias amongst fan bases, but the NFL pretty much botch this pretty good.

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