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With the Eagles playoff bound, which team would they prefer to face?

Alright Philly fans, with the Philadelphia Eagles officially clinching a playoff spot and a flexed Week 18 game that has little meaning to it, it is time to rank which team this franchise would like to see in the post season. Though the outcome of the Eagles upcoming game has little meaning to them, it has some meaning to Dallas, but from the latest playoff modules, it does not really matter for them either.

So with Week 18 not meaning much, it is important to take a look at the team in the NFC that will being joining the Birds in the playoffs. Reminder, this is the second year of the new playoff bracket, so there is now seven teams that will be continuing their season after Week 18.

Here is the current order as of now :

1st Seed – Green Bay Packers (1st Round Bye)

2nd Seed – Los Angeles Rams

3rd Seed – Tampa Bay Buccaneers

4th Seed – Dallas Cowboys

5th Seed – Arizona Cardinals

6th Seed – San Francisco 49ers (not yet clinched)

7th Seed – Philadelphia Eagles

So let’s breakdown and see who Philly would rather see in the wild-card round of the playoffs. I am going to list this least wanting to face to most wanting to face.

4. The Rams

As of now, this is the team that the Iggles are slotted to face, however there is a lot of moving parts that can change this. Though the Eagles have had success facing the Rams on the road (2-0), this L.A team is simply built to win at all costs, especially in the trenches. With an Aaron Donald and Jalen Ramsey led defense combined with a Matt Stafford and Cooper Kupp led offense, this team is ranked 1st overall by Not to mention all of their strengths match all of the Birds weaknesses, best to say they should hope to not face them.

3. The Cowboys

It’s a tough pill to swallow as a diehard Philly fan, but the truth is that Dallas offense is a high powered machine with multiple weapons equating to over 6,000 yards of offense and 48 total touchdowns. The Cowboys can beat you through the air just as easily as on the ground, as Philly fans have seen before. Not to mention a Micah Parsons’ led defense that has led them to be ranked top 15. As of today, Philadelphia’s defense is just not equipped to hold them to be low scoring.

2. The Buccaneers (most likely)

Tampa is starting to look to be more likely the team that the Eagles will be facing in the playoffs. Running through a few different scenarios, the Bucs are the common name that continues to be linked in who Philly will be matching up against. Understandably Tampa Bay is the defending Super Bowl champions, but this is not close to the same team as it was a year ago. Still led by Tom Brady, the Bucs could be without Chris Godwin, Antonio Brown, Leonard Fournette, Ronald Jones, Shaq Barrett, and Jason Pierre-Paul.

Though they are ranked high in coverage, both their pass rush and run defense have fallen way off since the last time these two teams have met. With limited offensive weapons and a beat up defense, the Eagles could take huge advantage.

1. The Cardinals.

This would not only be an exciting matchup, but would be almost the most even one as well. The Cardinals after being on a hot streak for most of the season have had a major fall from grace towards the tail end. Arizona has lost 4 out of their last 5 games and has been dealing with a multitude of injuries throughout their season.

Not having JJ Watt and a strong possibility of not having DeAndre Hopkins, this team is beatable by many standards. The Cardinals are middle of the pack in both defense and offense, but their biggest weakness is in both run defense and their pass blocking abilities.

This is a game that Philly could easily play a game of keep away with their rushing attack and really put Arizona in a whole quickly.

It is going to be interesting to finally see who the Eagles end up facing.

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