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Eagles' playoff hopes increase after Thanksgiving.

Philly fans, did you think a month ago we would be here talking about this Philadelphia Eagles team possibly making a push for the playoffs? Neither did I, however here we are in Week 12 of the 2021 season and this team not only has a chance at going, but now possibly has a chance at regaining the division.

After the Birds' statement win of the New Orleans Saints last Sunday, the talks of this team heading to the post season really heated up, now after the outcome of the Thanksgiving games, the Eagles playoff chances have almost doubled overnight. If you happened to be the one not watching football and paying attention to your family this past holiday, no worries we will fill you in on what happened.

Every outcome the Eagles' could've asked for, happened. The Saints, who originally were holding the third wildcard spot, lost to the Bills and ultimately now fell behind the Birds because of a tiebreaker. So now the Eagles are sitting at the 8th overall spot, just behind the San Francisco 49ers. So, let's break down the wildcard hunt and see how this team can get in.

Prior to the beginning of Week 12, the Eagles were sitting two spots out of the 7th seed (3rd WC spot). Now from a Saints loss, they moved up a whole spot. Currently, the Rams (7-3) have the 1st wildcard spot, Vikings (5-5) have the second, and the 49ers (5-5) have the third. Important to note that the 49ers do have the tiebreaker over the Eagles from their win in Week 2. Just so happens, that the Vikings and 49ers play this weekend and as long as the Iggles beat the Giants, this team should secure a wildcard spot.

The other big news that happened this past Thursday, is that the Dallas Cowboys dropped another loss to the Las Vegas Raiders, bringing them to 7-4 on the season. This is huge news. With a win over the Giants on Sunday, the Eagles will only be a game and a half behind the cowboys for the division.

Now, being realistic, the ability for this team to grab a wildcard spot is a higher probability then us taking the division, however do not be surprised if the division title comes down to a Week 18 game. 'Dem Boys' do not have the easiest schedule left with remaining games against teams like the Arizona Cardinals and the Washington Football Team, who seemingly have Dallas' number.

At this point, it is starting to look like the Eagles post-season hopes rest in their hands.

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