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Eagles' QB, Jalen Hurts, to receive surgery.

Some Philadelphia Eagles news for Philly fans that broke today regarding one of their starters. It was reported by NFL insider, Tom Pelissero, that the Eagles' QB Jalen Hurts will be under going ankle surgery. As most remember, Hurts injured his ankle during the Bird's Week 13 game against the New York Giants.

Howard Eskins and Pelissero both noted that he is fully expected to be 100% to go for OTA's and that the procedure is minor. As most can tell, thought reported differently, Hurts' overall rushing capabilities fell off heavily when he returned to face the Washington Commanders in Week 15.

As much as the organization stated that Hurts' was 100% good to go for the last few games of the season, clearly the ankle was still bothering him. On the plus side, dealing with that ankle, the second-year signal caller did have two of his best games as a passer heading down the stretch.

It does make some wonder how much this injury did ultimately effect his game and the game plan that this team had for their opponents. From everything reported, he should be good to go and get back to his training. One of the biggest attributes for Hurts is his rushing ability and clearly he was not able to do so as he normally has.

Hopefully, this does not set back any progress he has made as a passer year over year. Only time will tell.

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