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Philadelphia Eagles: Observations from a Week 2 film review.

Alrighty, Philadelphia Eagles fans, here at FPF network, we will be doing a weekly column after each game. This column will be some items that were notable standouts after a film review of the matchup. This week's review was from the Eagles' home opener, where they lost to the San Francisco 49ers, 17 to 11.

Not going to sugarcoat it for Eagles fans; this was a challenging game to rewatch and analyze. However, also not going to beat a dead horse on some of these because they were just as glaring as they were in the game. We had many issues and replays that were combed through, but we will keep this list to just four significant points that fans may have or may not have missed during the Eagles Week 2 debacle. Let's get started, shall we?

1. The NFL is not underestimating the Slim Reaper

That's correct, Philly fans; for someone who had a lot of question marks about their size coming out of college, NFL teams will give a lot of attention to the Eagles rookie wide receiver, Devonta Smith. Smith so far has been exactly as advertised. He is quick off the release, route running is incredible, and his ability to find a way to get open is simply something that Birds fans have not seen for a long time.

If you think it was a quiet day for Smith, you would be correct. The 49ers, after cornerback Josh Norman drew to pass interference calls, quickly brought a safety down to help out the struggling defensive back with Smith. There were multiple plays where the "Slim Reaper" was doubled, and here is the best part: he was still getting open. Now you may be asking yourself if Smith was getting double-teamed. Was anyone else open? Glad you asked.

2. Hurts and Sirianni were late on their rent

Just going by an eye test, Eagles fans were well aware that quarterback Jalen Hurts and head coach Nick Sirianni did not have a good game. After rewatching the footage, they, to put it mildly, had a rough go on the day. Sirianni looked to have completely change the script from their Week 1 victory when a similar game plan would've worked or at least got the offense into a good rhythm. His playcalling was all over the place on the day, and it would appear they are trying to keep Hurts from throwing over the middle, which they are just going to have to let happen.

Jalen is not blameless in this loss. His footwork was all over the place; he had many underthrown balls because he was not planting his feet correctly. He also missed a ton of wide-open players because he was locked into his first read. He kept some plays alive using his legs, but there were a few times he ran out of a clean pocket for no real reason.

3. The trick play was doomed from the start

This one we are for sure not going to spend a lot of time on. The 49ers did a great job disguising zone coverage and when the two safeties dropped back before the snap, Hurts should've recognized and called an audible. It was a solid play call from San Francisco, terrible from the Birds.

4. Can you please call man coverage?

Okay, Philly fans, this is the last take we have for you. Early in the game, the Eagles' defense did a great job disguising a lot of their defensive schemes with different looks, but they never adjusted once the 49ers caught on. Jonathan Gannon, the Eagles' first-year defensive coordinator, has yet to call any press-man coverage consistently. Running any zone coverage scheme is always dangerous against a team like the 49ers because that is where their offense thrives the most.

The Eagles defense has not allowed a pass longer than 20 yards so far this season. That's nice, but it becomes irrelevant when you still allow the opposing team to march 90 plus yards down the field and score. Twice.

Some good signs came from this game, but this Eagles team needs to do better in its entirety. The most frustrating thing about this game was that It was the Eagles game to lose. They could've been very quickly up 17-0, and just bad play calls, mistakes, and missed opportunities dropped them to 1-1 for the season.

It's Dallas week.

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