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Handing out mid-season awards to the Eagles' offense.

Philly fans, it is officially past the midway point of this season. This season has gone exactly how some thought it would and it also has gone in a way that some thought it could. Either way, the Philadelphia Eagles being 3-6 on the season isn't exactly what we all hoped for, especially since we have seen the ability that this team has.

As the Birds cross over into the downswing of the season, it is a good point to stop and see just exactly how each position group is doing as well as the team in general. In this article, we are going to start with the offense. The Philadelphia Eagles offense has a whole, believe it or not, is ranked fairly high. In fact per this offense is ranked 8th overall, 15th in passing, and 4th in the run game. Not to shabby.

Okay, let's hand out some awards starting with the players up front.

Offensive line: PFF Rank 6th: Grade = A-

Even with all of the injuries and movement of positions, this offensive line has faired well for the Eagles. Jordan Mailata and Jason Kelce still remain top ten in the league. Both Jack Driscoll (when healthy) and Lane Johnson have had solid seasons and the rookie, Landon Dickerson, is really starting to find his way and settle in that left guard spot. Of course, this just continues to solidify Jeff Stoutland being the best in the business as far as coordinator coaches go.

Wide Receivers : PFF Rank 17th: Grade = C+

As a group, this young wide receiver core has done okay. DeVonta Smith and Quez Watkins have clearly been the shining stars of this wide-out group, while Jalen Reagor and J.J Arcega-whiteside have put forth minimal contributions. Even with Smith and Watkins on the rise, they too have had some struggles this year, but ultimately look promising.

Tight Ends: PFF Rank 17th: Grade B+

Individually this ranking is very spread, however as a unit, they join the same ranking as the receivers as well as the offensive line. Prior to departing, Zach Ertz was starting to look close to his 2018/2019 self and so far has played well for the Arizona Cardinals. However, no longer living in his shadow, Dallas Goedert has rose to be not only TE1, but is ranked 3rd overall. As long as he is shining, the rest of them will continue to be in the shadows.

The good news is that Tyree Jackson is back and he will be an interesting target.

Running backs: PFF Rank 4th: Grade B+

Okay, let's be honest, this ranking is fluffed a lot by quarterback Jalen Hurts' legs, but when the running backs are deployed, they come ready to play. After two straight games, totaling over 400 rushing yards, it seems that head coach Sirianni has found some offensive identity on how to deploy his offense. The early lack of usage has to be put in perspective, but I think fans can agree that they enjoy what they have seen.

Quarterback: PFF Rank 13th: Grade C+

This season's end goal truly is based upon wins and losses (though wins are nice). It has really been about seeing the skillset of their young players, particularly Jalen Hurts. The second-year QB has had been up and down this season to the point as of now, there really isn't an answer if Hurts is the guy or not. Jalen has had some highlight-reel moments and has also missed routine throws. Week 9 was a big feather to put in his cap, but this is the type of performance that Hurts has to build on if he seeks to win the franchise spot.

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