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This Eagles team is not playing around.

Philly fans, from the Philadelphia Eagles' first season loss to the Washington Commanders, a lot of negative thoughts quickly started to surround this franchise after the Monday Night's matchup. From concerns with the shortcomings of Jonathan Gannon and this defense to the news of tight end Dallas Goedert going on IR, the vibes were quickly starting to turn.

Just four full days removed from that loss, this team and general manager Howie Roseman have a message for everyone.

We are not f**king around.

Howie has done almost an unbelievable job of getting playmakers onto this roster and forming it from a wildcard team to a full-blown Super Bowl contender. This team still felt the defense looked weak at safety. He gets C.J Gardner-Johnson. This team has not had a true WR1; they trade for AJ Brown. Need to add help in the pass rush department; Howie gets Hassan Reddick.

Many teams tend to unravel after suffering a loss like the Birds did on Monday Night Football, but not this team. From the jump, every leader on this team was upfront and honest about what they did wrong and what they needed to work on, and then it is onto the next opponent. However, their divisional game did exploit some weaknesses that this team had.

So how does this team and the front office respond? They fix it. All coaches and players have upped the stakes, changed schemes, and even added a drill at practice after the Quez Watkins fumble, which you can see here. This team takes every mistake as seriously as one possibly can. You might be asking yourself, what has the front office done during this short period of time? Answer. Everything they possibly could.

Not even a full week after their first loss, this team understood it had a possible personal issue, particularly in depth at defensive tackle. So Howie went out and signed 2x Pro-Bowler, Linval Joseph, but they also went out and got a game wrecker with a huge household name,Ndamukong Suh.

That is insane. These two moves, along with the rest of the moves Howie made this offseason and during this season, all point to one thing, this team believes they are a true contender. This franchise is not holding back and swinging for the fences this year because they believe they have a true shot at a championship.

What do you think about these two moves? Do you think Howie is done? Let us know!

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