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Five instant takeaways from an Eagles' Week 11 victory.

Philly fans, our beloved Philadelphia Eagles put themselves back into the victory category after coming back in the fourth quarter to beat the Indianapolis Colts, 17-16. It was a big question mark heading into this Week 11 matchup of how the Eagles were going to respond after suffering their first loss of the season to the Commanders.

To start off that game, the response was not looking so great. On the first drive, the Colts were able to go right down field, using the same blue print that Washington did, and were able to quickly put up 7 on the Birds. Unlike the last games of the season, the Eagles went three and out with mistake after mistake. This seemed to be the the theme going into the half, down by 7.

Coming out of the half, disaster struck as Hurts' was stripped sacked on the first play of the drive. Thankfully, the defense really showed up and kept the Colts to a field goal. More mistakes occurred for the Philly offense, including some questionable play calls. This teams defensive unit once again made stand and stripped Indy's running back, Jonathan Taylor, and recovered the ball. Once the offense got going, they were moving down the field with ease, until AJ Brown coughed up the ball.

Entering the fourth, it started to look like it just was not the Eagles' week again, until Jalen Hurts had enough. Hurts put this offense on his back and was able to drive down the field, chewing clock while they were doing it, and come away with the score to give the Iggles their first lead of the game. From there, defense did it's job and held Indy's offense to just 16 points. It was ugly, but it was a game this team needed to win.

Let's get into some observations, shall we?

1. Suh and Joseph signings played out huge.

A lot of people were curious if Joseph or Suh really had anything left in the tank or were even in football shape. Well, we got our answer and the answer was yes. Both recently signed defensive tackles were pivotal in keeping the Colts' start back, Jonathan Taylor, to just 84 yards. Both of these veteran defensive linemen also came away with half a sack.

2. This team felt the absence of Dallas Goedert.

It was going to be obvious that this team was going to miss Goedert, who was lost to injury. How much they were going to miss him was the true question, with an answer now being massively. Without Dallas on the field a lot of attention was put on AJ Brown and it showed. Though Brown still finished with 60 yards receiving, they were hard fought yards. The sooner Goedert is back, the better.

3. Jalen Hurts put the offense on his shoulders.

The 24 year-old quarterback has checked a lot of boxes this season, but one that was still lacking was how would he fair if this team was behind. I think it is safe to say we all felt that he got robbed of his MVP moment the other week against the Commanders with Watkins fumbling the ball, but he was not going to let that happen in Week 11. After the Brown fumble, he said enough is enough, and put this team on his shoulders to get into the end zone to pull out a win. Once again his stats are not jaw dropping, but that last scoring drive was all on him and he did it.

4. If it is not one, it's the other.

There is a trend that this franchise needs to squash quickly. If the offense is playing solid, the defense falters. If the defense is playing good, the offense takes a nap. A lot of questionable play calls for the Eagles' offense today. That was the story of today, when the defense finally got going, this offense was flat for almost 3 quarters of the game and when they did get something going, they shot themselves in the foot with penalties and mistakes. If they want to be a contender, they have to get it together.

5. Relax, a win is a win.

I know the way this game started and how last weeks game finished was not ideal at all. To be honest, it was concerning. However, this win showed that this defense can adjust quickly and this offense is tough to defend. As stated earlier, a lot of attention was placed on Brown, but Hurts still found a way to get it done and at the end of the day, that is all that matters.

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