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Eagles fans must be prepared for Hurts to be QB1 in 2022

A lot of doubt has been circulating in this fanbase regarding the current starting quarterback, Jalen Hurts. The Philadelphia Eagles second-year quarterback has had some highs so far this season and is doing exactly what everyone feared he who do.

What's that you may ask yourself? The biggest issue with Hurts last year and so far this year is the same. He does enough things wrong to keep doubt in the back of everyone's minds, but just enough good to keep fans intrigued. As far as the Eagles are concerned, that is bad spot to be in.

The Eagles are using this season to really evaluate Hurts, but the truth that both fans and this team are going to have to face facts that there is an extremely high chance that he is the quarterback heading into the 2022 season. Many fans will argue this point, but the facts still do not change, the second-year quarterback will be most likely the Eagles best option in 2022.

Let's put some context on what we are talking about. As a fan, you may be sitting there thinking why can't the Birds just draft someone or sign a veteran quarterback that is going to be a free-agent this year? While, the Eagles could most certainly figure out a way to do either or, a lot of better options than Hurts are just not realistic.

So let's dive in to both options and see. We will start with drafting a quarterback. There are some quarterbacks in this draft, but compared to years prior, the talent is far from ideal. In fact in this years, players ranking, there is not even a quarterback in the top ten. Arguably the best QB in the class this year is Ole Miss' Matt Corral.

Corral has a lot of intangibles that fans and this team would love, but like Hurts, as some inconsistencies as well. It is a possibility that they still could draft a quarterback to compete with Hurts, but Jalen has the respect of this team so that would be a crap thing to do.

The next option is picking up a veteran quarterback via a trade or in free agency. This choice out of the two is the most unlikely for a multitude of reasons. The two biggest reasons would be available cap space and having any the thought of any free agent quarterback wanting to come to Philly in the first place. With Houston Chronical reporter, John McClain, report today that the Miami Dolphins could have a deal done by end of this week for Deshaun Watson.

Here is the list of available free agents per :

Do any of those look like a better option then Jalen Hurts? The answer is no. Short of trading away the house for some other qb (like Russell Wilson), this is what options would be available for the Eagles in 2022. So once again, a lot of different things could happen, but the chances of Hurts being QB1 in 2022 are very high.

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