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4 reasons that Hurts should remain QB1 in 2022

Before this season began, it was well known that this Philadelphia Eagles team was using this season to figure out their identity and evaluate their players, particularly second-year quarterback Jalen Hurts. After everything that went on during last season and with the departure of quarterback Carson Wentz, this team finally got to put Hurts in the driver's seat for the 2021 season.

Now that we are past the halfway point, it is time to start thinking ahead and ask the question that most have. Is Jalen Hurts the answer at quarterback? This question pretty much has this fanbase split down the middle, yet no one has really come up with an answer. With the rumors of the Eagles franchise losing or not having faith in Hurts, the question has really been boiling up.

Now, with that being said, I myself have some reservations if Jalen is the permanent answer, but I think that he for sure be the starting quarterback in 2022. Let's get into a few reasons why Hurts should be the starter going into next year.

1. His leadership counts for more than most think.

One quality that has most of the fanbase rooting for him is his leadership ability in the locker room. Just take a second to think about something, how many rumors have been released this season regarding anybody's ability as a teammate? The answer is none. Strange considering prior to this year some comment always gets leaked. His non-stop competitiveness has also kept this team close in games or from getting blown out of the water.

2. Regardless of some inaccuracy issues and the number of losses he statistically is having a good season.

A lot of eyes are on Jalen Hurts and understandably so, but the young quarterback is stringing himself together a solid first year as a starting QB. He is currently ranked 13th overall by PFF.Com. He is also on track to have 1,000 rushing yards and over 3,000 yards passing. He is really starting to settle into this offense and has greatly increased his ability in reading the defense. A lot of fans negate his running ability, but when you are trying to observe and grade him, you just can't. Would you take Lamar Jacksons' rushing out of his game? Absolutely not.

3. His first 13 starts put him in great company.

In his first 13 starts, Jalen has 3,042 total passing yards and 848 rushing yards. He has a total of 25 touchdowns and 8 interceptions. To compare, Lamar Jackson in his first full season starting had 3127 total passing yards and 1206 rushing yards. Joe Burrow had 2688 total yards and 13 touchdowns. So, for a young quarterback, Hurts is doing just fine. The biggest drawback that he currently has is his accuracy. Not denying that is not an issue, but that is something that can get better.

4. All of the above has earned him another year.

As stated above, there is a lot of rumors surrounding the Eagles' lack of faith in Hurts. However, we really have to weigh the options. The likely hood of Russell Wilson walking through the doors at the Nova Care complex is highly unlikely and truthfully, there is no 'great' quarterback in this year's draft.

If the Eagles were to draft a QB it would almost be unfair to that player and to be realistic, there is no player in this draft that would likely outwork Hurts.

What do you think the Eagles should do?

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