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Can Hurts prove he is the Answer?

Can Jalen Hurts prove to the Philadelphia Eagles that he is the guy?

The biggest question for the Philadelphia Eagles during this season is going to be finding out if Jalen Hurts is their quarterback for the future. Jalen Hurts is entering his second season with the Eagles and his first season as the designated starter.

Last season Hurts did the worst thing possible. What is that you may ask? He did just enough to keep everyone invested, but not enough to completely sell the Iggles organization. He has a lot of traits that do give him the wow factor, but he is limited in many areas that are a cause for concern.

His ability as a runner and his overall toughness in both physicality and character has him primed to be a major factor for this team, but those traits share the same as a running back, not a quarterback. As far as qb talent, arm strength is not the problem, but pocket awareness and accuracy is.

The second-year quarterback has improved some in those categories, but has a long way to go. His ability to be "the guy" going forward hinges on his ability to be as well rounded as a quarterback as possible. So, what does Hurts have to do to win the job? Throw for over four-thousand yards? Below 10 interceptions? Or is there even a number or stat that can prove it?

As you can see, there is are multiple questions surrounding the young quarterback and Philly fans will be able to get their first look at him this upcoming Sunday.

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