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5 players who will not be returning to the Eagles in 2022.

Alright Philly fans, as we are coming down to the last few games remaining for the Philadelphia Eagles, it is time to take a look at who honestly will not be on this team in 2022. This season, so far, went exactly how most Philly fans thought it would. Though at times this team was extremely frustrating to watch, we have all finally seen the growth that head coach, Nick Sirianni, has made so far this season.

However, this Eagles' team has left a lot of meat on the bones as far as potential wins. Rather it is game planning or execution, the Birds dropped some losses that should've been victories. Unfortunately, that really is just the result of a team in a rebuilding stage. Even with the good that we have seen from this team, there are some big-time negatives that have shown themselves throughout the season.

Many of those negatives come from players that have made some incredibly costly moves during games that could've been the difference in a win or a loss. With that said, let's get into some players currently wearing midnight green who will not be back in 2022.

1. Anthony Harris or Steve Nelson.

So, I had made Nelson and Harris a packaged deal for this one. The reason why is that I think there is a high chance that at least one of them will be back in 2022. It's not a sure thing and it really depends upon the draft, but it is more than possible one of them is back next year. Both defensive backs have been okay this season. Obviously, with Darius Slay on the other side of the field, Nelson sees the majority of the targets.

Harris has played okay in recent weeks, but the major issue has been when Marcus Epps has stepped in, you almost did not see the difference at the position. That being said, Harris may be the one to say goodbye.

2. Ryan Kerrigan.

Honestly, if Brandon Graham did not get injured this season, we may have already said goodbye to Kerrigan. I would be one to admit that I thought he would've made more of an impact this season, but honestly, he has all but disappeared for this team when they need him the most.

3. Derek Barnett.

This is not shocking to anyone, is it? Barnett has had some solid play this season but overall has done more damage than good. He has almost a boneheaded penalty every game that completely outweighs any solid performance he had. His pressure has been there, but his overaggressiveness has been used against him numerous times. It is time to say goodbye to the 2017 first-round draft pick.

4. Fletcher Cox.

This one seems more than possible heading into the 2022 season. It was well documented that the Eagles were shopping and listening to offers about Cox and accordingly a deal was almost done with the Las Vegas Raiders. Fletcher has been a staple of this defense for multiple seasons, but it has been more than evident the last few years we have seen a major decrease in his overall productivity.

There are several speed bumps that Eagles would have to get over in order to make a trade happen, but depending upon what they decide they need in 2022, we all can say goodbye to number 91.

5. Jason Kelce.

This one is honestly the most questionable of them all. Many Philly fans thought that last season was going to be the yard Jason Kecle hangs it up. Kelce has been the heartbeat of not only this offense but this entire team since he had arrived 11 seasons ago. As it stands today, Kelce is still ranked as a top 5 center in the league and has been putting on yet another Pro-Bowl season performance.

If Kelce were to step down and retire, it would be by his choice alone. His performance has not dropped off at all this year and would be more than welcomed next season by this organization, but it is still possible that he can decide to hang it up.

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