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The good, bad, and ugly of a 25-20 victory.

Philly fans, our beloved Philadelphia Eagles are now 13-1 on the season as they were able to head to Chicago and defeat the Bears in Week 15. This game started slow for both teams, as the opposing defenses were able to keep any score off the board for the entire first quarter.

Following Jalen Hurts' second interception, it started to seem like the Washington Commanders game all over again. It took almost the entire first half for this team to get anything going offensively, but they were finally able to go into the half up by four.

Coming out of the half, this Philly offense was able to drive right down the field to put some distance between themselves and this Chicago team. Post that score; this offense had more miscues, including a Miles Sanders fumble and a Jake Elliot missed field goal. However, the Eagles were able to take care of business and put away the bears with a late touchdown and defensive stop, winning 25-20 and improving to 13-1 on the season.

Okay, now that's all covered; let's get into the highs and lows of this game.

The Good.

Haason Reddick, Edge Rusher

Number 7 of the Philadelphia Eagles was an absolute wrecking ball for the Chicago Bears offensive line. Reddick constantly broke into the backfield and put consistent pressure on Justin Fields. The Bears just did not have an answer for Reddick, as he added four total tackles, two QB hits, two sacks, and one pass deflection.

The rest of the defensive front

Another dominating performance for this Philly pass rush as they added six more sacks onto the season. Javon Hargrave and Josh Sweat, both getting two a piece, really set the tone for this defense. They were also a major reason for this team staying in this game and really holding the Bears in place.

DeVonta Smith & AJ Brown, Wide Receivers

When this team was down, Jalen really needed his biggest weapons to come up big for him, and they certainly did. Brown, with 181 total yards, and Smith, with 126 total yards, was the other major factor in this team's success and victory. They have now both had back-to-back dominating performances and pose a major threat for a long time to come.

The Jacksonville Jaguars

If you ask yourself why I am putting the Jaguars on this list, you are not from earth. The Jags get a spot on this list for beating the Dallas Cowboys in overtime! What does this Dallas loss mean for Philly? It means they only have to win one of their three remaining games to get both the #1 seed and the division title.

Boston Scott, RB

After weeks and weeks of the Eagles' special teams unit being a major concern, they finally chose to put Boston Scott back as the kick returner, which has paid off majorly. He has now had a 66 and 58-yard return in the last few games and really has flipped the script in helping this team out with field position. His elusiveness and quick speed make him a threat for a lot of teams to be able to cover.

The bad.

Jalen Hurts, QB (first half)

I tossed around a bit about even putting him on this list, but arguably this was Jalen's worst game of the 2022 season. The leading MVP candidate did many uncharacteristic things in Week 15, including throwing two interceptions. However, the interceptions really were not the deciding factor behind him being placed on this list. What landed him on this list was really the first half of his play execution against a far less inferior opponent. Hurts took some bad reads and missed some big-time opportunities that stalled a lot of drives. Ultimately, throwing for over 300 yards and scoring three touchdowns is a bad day I will take any time.

All tight end's not named Dallas Goedert.

In Goedert's absence, Grant Calcaterra and Jack Stoll have played solid for this Eagles' team. However, in Week 15, they were almost nonexistent. They were not able to really shed their initial blocks in the running game and were just ghosts as passing targets for Jalen Hurts. As stated earlier, this team is going to welcome Dallas back with open arms.

The ugly.

The o-line (rushing attack)

This offensive line is one of, if not the best, units in the NFL, but the run game was practically a no-show against the Bears' 31st-ranked rushing defense. Chicago did an excellent job shifting their defensive front to stutter and disrupt the Iggles running attack, including Jalen Hurts. Not so much a concern, but worth noting that teams may try to play this way against them to help the time of possession battle.

Quez Watkins Screen Plays

Honestly, they can probably go ahead a shoot those plays to the moon until Goedert returns. Watkins has undeniable speed, but for some reason, screenplays have not been working out too well for him. I am not sure if there is something the offensive line or himself is doing, but teams are locked in and have been quick to get the contact for minimal gain.

Hits that Hurts took

To wrap up this list, the ugliest part of this game was the number of hits Hurts took from the Chicago Defense. Hats off to the Bears for playing close to the line, but some of the reads on the RPOs led to some unnecessary hits that QB1 typically avoids. There was one tackle in which all of us held our breath because Jalen was extremely slow to get up. He is a tough kid, but the coaching staff needs to do a better job of scheming some plays that don't involve putting Jalen in jeopardy.

All in all, a win is a win. This team is 13-1 and one win away from clinching the NFC East division title and the number one seed for the playoffs.

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