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Looking at the Eagles' Final Seven Games

The Philadelphia Eagles are coming off a potential season-altering win on the road against the Denver Broncos and now sit with a 4-6 record. With the NFC seeming still up for grabs, the Birds still have a strong chance to make the playoffs. The Eagles have the third easiest strength of schedule in the NFL for the rest of the season and have a tiebreaker over the Panthers and Falcons.

Remaining game opponents, their records, and their starting quarterback:

New Orleans Saints (5-4) - Trevor Siemian

New York Giants (3-6) - Daniel Jones

New York Jets (2-7) - Zach Wilson/Mike White

Washington Football Team (3-6) - Taylor Heinicke

New York Giants (3-6) - Daniel Jones

Washington Football Team (3-6) - Taylor Heinicke

Dallas Cowboys (7-2) - Dak Prescott

The Eagles' offense seems to have found their identity by finally running the ball, and with Jalen Hurts continuing to improve along with this young wide receiver core, Philadelphia has one of the league's most explosive offenses. The Bird’s defense seems to have come together as well as they have shut down their opponent’s air attacks and seem to have a handle on the opposing running games.

My prediction: the Eagles will finish with a 10-7 record and will have a chance at making the playoffs through a Wild Card spot.

What do you think the Eagles’ record will be at the end of the regular season? Comment below and interact with me on Twitter @John_Pentol_

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