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Last Chance To Vote Your Eagles To The Pro Bowl, Here is How to Help

The NFL allows the fans to help get their favorite players to the Pro Bowl. Voting began back on November 16th, and voting ends on December 16th. Your Eagles need your votes and your help and here is how.

To cast such a vote, fans should go to Twitter and tweet either the first and last name of the player, the player's official Twitter handle, or a hashtag including the player's first and last name. All three of these methods must include the hashtag: #ProBowlVote.

Here is an example of how you can help below. You can either RT tweets like the one below, or tweet it out yourself. Click on the picture below to take you to Twitter.

Be sure to tweet out as many Eagles as possible, especially the ones who you believe deserve to be at the Pro Bowl.

Which Eagles deserve to make the Pro Bowl? Comment below and interact with me on Twitter @John_Pentol_

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