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Howie to 'wheel and deal' with first-round picks.

Alrighty Philly fans, as free agency and the draft are fast approaching, it should come as no shock that their already reports emerging on what Philadelphia Eagles' general manager, Howie Roseman, is going to do with their 3 first-round picks.

Of course, much of it is tagged to trading for a veteran QB, but a recent report is leaning in another direction that most of us here at FPF thought it would. NFL Network reporter, Steve Wyche, has recently discussed the current state of what the Eagles will be doing with their draft capital..

Wyche went on to say the Eagles are expected to be players with the teams draft capital and will be wheeling and dealing ahead of the 2022 draft. He then went on to say that teams have and will come to the Eagles regarding their draft capital and there are "real creative conversations" happening about potential deals.

As stated earlier, this should come as no shock to fans. Honestly, as much grief as we all give Roseman, this is where he has earned his pay check he most. Howie, though sometimes has questionable picks, he ultimately gets the most value out of trades and pick compensation with teams.

What I think maybe Howie's ultimately goal is to add future picks for 2023. If were to give an educational guess, he will be putting up that 15th overall pick in exchange for a 2023 first and another pick.

Only time will tell!

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