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An Eagles' All-Pro may be moving on.

So, this should come as no shock to Philly fans, but it is looking like the Philadelphia Eagles may be big time sellers this year prior to the trade deadline. As some fans may know the NFL trade deadline is November 2nd, which is vastly approaching.

The Eagles have already made some moves in trading Super Bowl hero, Zach Ertz, and a once Super Bowl MVP in Joe Flacco off of this roster, but there may be more moves coming down for the pike for this team, especially pending a Week 8 Detroit Lions outcome. A few Philly players have already surfaced as trade candidates this season.

That list includes offensive linemen Andre Dillard and Brandon Brooks amongst other possible names. However, yesterday, October 28th, another Eagles' veteran has officially been sought out by two other teams. Who is that you may ask? Well it is none other than six-time Pro Bowler Fletcher Cox.

Cox has made the media headlines lately with his criticism over the new defensive scheme and how he is being deployed in games. As most Philly fans know, the All-Pro defensive tackle has been linked to trade rumors for sometime and we have even covered it here at the FPF network. Now, it finally looks like there is some validity to the rumor.

Cox, who currently is the highest paid player on the Eagles, apparently has gained interest this season from two teams that reside in the AFC. Per Dan Sileo, the Tennessee Titans and Oakland Raiders have both reached out to general manager Howie Roseman on the veteran defensive tackle.

Now, as a massive fan of Fletcher Cox since he was drafted, this would be a sting to a lot of fans. However, in all honesty it is time to move on. There is no denying that Fletch has regressed over the past few seasons and it maybe is time that the wear and tear of his career is starting to catch up with him.

Now, this is still not stating that Cox is not a good player, but he is for sure not the fear monger we all used to know and love. If I were Howie Roseman (which I wish I was sometimes) I would not hesitate to trade Fletcher Cox. I also would not give him away. I think a quality third round pick, if not higher, would be a solid return for the six-time Pro Bowler.

We shall all just have to wait and see on what kind've moves Roseman will make as we approach the trade deadline.

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