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Eagles place numerous players on COVID list, but is it really because of COVID?

Philly fans, as the Philadelphia Eagles have officially clinched a playoff spot post a Vikings lost, the emotions of the fanbase and this organization were on cloud nine. Going for 2-5 to being 9-7 and heading to the playoffs, all with a first-year head coach and first-year starting quarterback is an amazing thing.

Fast forward to the Monday afternoon post the Eagles victory over the Washington Football Team where this team has just placed several players on the COVID list. In fact, so far the total number is 12, including Jason Kelce, Dallas Goedert, and Fletcher Cox. At first glance you maybe thinking 'at least we already clinched', but take a deeper dive into and something is not adding up.

From the outside looking in, the Birds are on the top of the list of the most vaccinated teams, as well as having advanced COVID protocols through out the season, has kept this team primarily healthy. Now, all of sudden they have 12 players on that list? Not to mention, almost every single one of them is a starter.

Here is the full list:

Dallas Goedert

Jason Kelce

Fletcher Cox

Avonte Maddox

Marcus Epps

Jordan Howard

Boston Scott

Alex Singleton

Jack Stoll

Rodney McLeod

Genard Avery

Nate Herbig

As stated once before, this is one of the most vaccinated teams in the league, so if this is all true and the Eagles did some how have an outbreak with exactly 6 players on offense and 6 players on defense, all who are starters. Then they should be good to go in 72 hours barring reoccurring symptoms.

To be honest, this more looks like how the Eagles will be resting their starters for this upcoming Saturday's game against the Dallas Cowboys. Though some Dallas starters have come out and stated that they are 'playing', it is doubtful that they will be playing long if any at all.

We will see what the remainder of the week brings, but surely glad if this is true that we already clinched a spot.

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