How much would Hurts warrant for a contract extension?

Philly fans, as Week 3 of the NFL has officially come to and end, it is time to take an extremely early look at what type of extension Philadelphia Eagles' quarterback, Jalen Hurts, could warrant if he continues to play and grow as he has in these first few games.

Last season Hurts was the 16th overall ranked QB, 26th in passing and 4th in rushing. This season, granted only three weeks in, Hurts is currently ranked 1st in passing grade, 1st in yards per attempt, 3rd in total passing yards, and is ranked 2nd overall. The craziest part? He is 21st in attempted passes.

To say the least, Jalen has greatly improved. The biggest area of improvement for Hurts that has become immediately noticeable is his decision making. In total he did not have a terrible season last year, but the biggest issue that I had was missed opportunities. So far this season, he has been quick to strike with clean mechanics.

So back to the original question, if the Eagles had to sign the young quarterback today, what would the contract be? How much would Hurts warrant? Well, let's try and break it down.

The current market for all starting quarterbacks in the NFL is averaging around 24 million a year, with the top ten being upwards of 40 million dollars a year. Barring any in season signings, Philly will have around 26-30 million dollars in cap space, with 47 total players rostered. has Jalen currently rated at 47 million a year.

Now, 47 millions dollar APY is a little rich for everyone's liking. The one thing that Hurts will also keep in mind is his weapons, particularly DeVonta Smith, who is still playing out his rookie contract. Some would think that would not matter to much with millions in the balance, but I personally feel to Jalen, it does.

Reminder, many of the greats have taken lower salaries for the same reason. So, If I were Howie Roseman, what would I offer Jalen? I would offer him somewhere in the ball park of 120-130 million dollar contract on a four year extension. That would put Jalen amongst the top paid, but doesn't break the bank. Also there is several different ways you can break up that contract to bring down the cap hit.

What would you pay Jalen Hurts? Let us know!

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