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Eagles have extended Goedert on a new contract.

Okay, Philly fans, the day has finally come. Both the Philadelphia Eagles and tight end, Dallas Goedert, have come to an agreement and have officially extended Goedert until 2025 via multiple sources. It is good news to hear considering this earlier in the season the contract negotiations stalled out.

Goedert, who has officially claimed title of TE1, has officially cemented himself in this organization for sometime. Let's take a look at the contract.

The Eagles have agreed to a four-year, $59 millions dollar contract. However, what really needs to be known by fans is that only 35.7 of it is guaranteed, which will put his base salary at 8.9 million a year. This give the Eagles plenty of room to work around with the remainder of his numbers in the future if need be.

Goedert, who is currently ranked the #3 tight end in the leauge by was going to have a big audience to look at if he made it to the post season without a contract. The Eagles did go a bit high in the total contract, but this is a number that would've been close to what he would've seen in the offseason.

Now that a cornerstone of this offense has been locked up, what do you guys think? Great news or bad news?

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