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NFL gets two Eagles' players right, snubs one majorly.

Alrighty, Philly fans, with the regular season finally coming to an end, it is about that time where the NFL community starts handing out awards. We already found out which Philadelphia Eagles players are headed to the Pro Bowl, but now we officially know who has been named to both first and second All-Pro teams.

2nd Team All-Pro- T Lane Johnson

Tackle Lane Johnson has been officially voted onto the 2nd Team All-Pro. It is a well-deserved nod, especially after he was majorly snubbed for this year's Pro Bowl. Though Johnson missed time early on in the season, he has been playing lights out and has had that right side of the line locked down for a majority of the season.

The East Texan has allowed only 10 pressures, 1 QB hit, and zero sacks this season. He is ranked 11th overall by and ultimately deserves this praise.

1st Team All-Pro - C Jason Kelce

Eagles' forever-legend and long-time center, Jason Kelce, received his 4th All-Pro honors this year. Add his now 5 Pro Bowls, Kelce may have possibly stamped his ticket in the Hall Of Fame. Kelce, who is on his 11th season, has once again been the glue that has held this offensive line and team together throughout this year.

Ranked 3rd overall, Kelce has only allowed 16 pressures and 1 sack on the season. It is still up in the air on what exactly the veteran center will do next season, but he is still playing at an extremely high level.

All-Pro Snub - CB Darius Slay

As the All-Pro votes and nomination have come to an end, once again the NFL snubbed an Eagles' player. The player this year for the birds is none other than CB Darius 'Big Play' Slay. Slay only received 1 All-Pro vote, though being ranked 6th overall and 4th in coverage. Ultimately the honors went to Trevon Diggs and Jalen Ramsey.

Now, Ramsey getting the honors is expected, because he had also played great this season. However, Diggs getting the honors has become a bit of a punchline lately. Diggs has allowed the most receiving yards and yards per catch. He has also allowed the third-most yards after catch out of any eligible cornerback.

Not only did Slay get snubbed in the voting, Diggs absolutely got in because of his interception rate, which is large part due to being one of the most targeted corners in the NFL.

Slay may have not still gotten the honors, but it does show the system is a bit broken.

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