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Philadelphia Eagles: A fans rooting guide to Week 4.

Alrighty, Philly fans, as we all enter Week 4, we all must remember there is more to watch and pay attention to than the Philadelphia Eagles. Though, of course, they are the most important, there is more at stake this season than just wins and losses. Let's dive into your Week 4 rooting guide.

Colts vs. Dolphins

This game is an essential watch for Eagles fans. As most know, the Birds will be receiving the Miami Dolphins' 2022 first-round pick. They also have a potential first-round pick coming from the Indianapolis Colts via the Carson Wentz trade. The ideal outcome for this game is that the Colts beat the Dolphins.

Why? Because no matter what, the Eagles have Miami's first-round pick, so the more they lose, the better. The Colts are starting the season 0-3, and there is a potential for the Colts to bench Wentz, which could cost that conditional pick to become a first.

Who should fans root for? : Colts

Football Team vs. Falcons

This is pretty straightforward. Philly fans should root for the Falcons. The simple answer is that the Washington Football Team is a division rival and any loss by a division opponent keeps the Eagles alive.

Who should fans root for? : Falcons

Giants vs. Saints

Another straightforward one. The Saints should be able to walk through the Giants with minimal issues. The Giants are having a rough go so far this season. Their strength of schedule is the most challenging remaining in the NFL and could be starring at a 0-10 record before they face a team that they can beat. Oh well.

Who should fans root for? : Saints

Cowboys vs. Panthers

This may be tough for Philly fans to admit, but the Cowboys are more than likely going to secure the NFC East this year. Their talent, particularly on offense, is just better than the rest of the division. However, that does not mean that they have not fallen on their faces before, so as always, we will root for the opposing team.

Who should fans root for? Panthers

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