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4 things that fans learned from the Eagles Week 8 victory.

Philly fans, we all finally get to celebrate a victory Monday! The Philadelphia Eagles went out to Detroit and absolutely steamrolled the Lions to victory, with a final score of 44 to 6. Much concern surrounded this game and this Eagles team as a whole.

After a soul-crushing loss to the Raiders just a week prior, many thought that the Eagles were cooked and a loss to the Lions would've been rock bottom. All those things seemed true until this team showed up and showed out in a big way against the Lions.

The Lions did not have an answer on how to stop the Eagles' offense or find a way to neutralize their defense. It was a complete team win which was much needed for both players and fans. Okay, now that we have that covered, let's get into what we have learned about this Week 8 victory.

1. No Sanders? No problem.

After the news broke of running back Miles Sanders heading to IR, no one knew how this running back core would fair. Well, with a 1-2 punch combo of Boston Scott and Jordan Howard, with a bit of Kenny Gainwell sprinkled in, this running back core did just fine. In fact, they were a major factor in this Week 8 victory. Jordan Howard seemed to find his youth and absolutely punished the Lions' defense and Scott continued to be a tough in-between the tackles runner. Fans should be glad to see it and hopes to see the domination continue.

2. Sirianni realized he was allowed to run the ball more than 1 time per quarter.

Did you foresee the Eagles winning this game by running the ball? The answer was probably yes. Did you think head coach Nick Sirianni would do it? The answer was probably no. Outside of the Week 1 game against the Falcons, this was probably the best game that Sirianni had called all season. It wasn't just that fact that he ran the ball, he finally called plays that included pre-snap motion and put his players in the right position to win.

This is the type of play design and play-calling that Eagles' fans need to see more of for the remainder of this season. This always reverts back to the fact that this team is not talentless, they just have to be put in the schemes that fit.

3. Gannon does know how to blitz.

See what happens when you don't have your safety's playing in a different zip code and you use your non-coverage linebackers the way that best fits them? You absolutely dominate a team. Defensive coordinator Jonathan Gannon finally cooked up a winning scheme in this game against Detroit. Gannon cooked up several different looks and designed blitz packages that helped this team rack up 63 total tackles, 7 tackles for a loss, 6 sacks, and fumble recovery for a touchdown.

We have seen this defense get smoked by good teams and beat up bad teams, but he completely changed up his scheme for this game and it allowed his defense to be relentless. It's not even an option, he needs to continue to call his defense this way for the remainder of the season.

4. Yes it was the Lions, but this win should not be overlooked.

A lot of comments throughout social media have been that the Eagles just beat up a bad team and though that is correct, they did not just beat up a bad team, they absolutely demoralized the Detroit Lions. Detroit has faced some of the best teams in the NFL so far this season and gave most of them a run for their money. The Eagles came into this game and completely dominated in all phases of the game.

Something to keep in the back of your mind, it wasn't who they beat, but how they beat them that you should put some stock into. As stated earlier, this Lions team is a play-hard type of team. There largest margin of point differential this season so far was 23 and the Birds almost doubled that. Some winning formulas may have been born and discovered in this game that could be used moving forward, but for now enjoy this victory.

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