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Checking in the Eagles' remaining opponents.

Philly fans, as we are coming upon Week 12 of the 2022 NFL season, our beloved Philadelphia Eagles sit the closest to the peak if the mountain, with a record of 9-1. Though some think the Eagles have not faced much adversity this season, having the best record in the league has put a target on their backs and has had every team giving them their best effort to add to the Birds' loss column.

So far, only one team has been successful. However, they still have some formidable teams remaining on their schedule. Normally a team who is 12-5 or 13-4, typically is the division winner and seems to have the #1 seed heading into the playoffs. This is not so much the case in this 2022 season as they only have a game and a half on the 8-2 Vikings and only 2.5 games on their division rival, the Dallas Cowboys.

Needless. to say, this division and conference is tight at the top of the mountain. Just like the strong start, they have had to the season, this Eagles' team needs to have a strong finish. So what realistic record can this team finish as? Let's dive into who this team has left to face.

Vs. Green Bay Packers (4-7)

With Green Bay dropping to Tennessee Last week, their playoff hopes are all but gone. However, this does not mean that the Eagles and fans should take this team lightly. They are missing a ton of pieces throughout their roster, but we have seen them turn it on and win games, like their recent victory over the Cowboys.

This game should be an important one for this team. Honestly, this needs to be a statement game for this team. After winning a close one against the Colts, the Birds really need to put the Packers out of their misery. Also, winning this game will give another tiebreaker advantage and even more cushion against 'Dem Boys'.

Vs. Tennessee Titans (7-3)

To be honest, without the loss to the Commanders, this game had a circled as a concern. Outside of Derrick Henry, the Titans just do not have many weapons. However, this team plays tough and physically on both sides of the ball. We know the Eagles bolstered their run defense, which will help, but if this Titans' team gets a lead, it will be hard for the Birds to come back.

Philadelphia needs to match their intensity from the jump. Doing so is going to allow them to go punch for punch, and ultimately the Eagles have a better roster.

@ New York Giants (7-3)

If you told me at the beginning of the season that the Giants would be in the run for the division, let alone a wild card spot, I would've thought you to be crazy. Eleven weeks into the season, New York is just that. They are 7-3 on the season, and they also play physically though out football. However, they are just lacking too many pieces on this team, and it is starting to look like they are coming down to Earth.

This is a team that gave Jalen Hurts trouble last year, but he is a different player, and they are now a different team. If the Birds get up big, they can not lay off the gas. Giants have been huge in making 2nd half-adjustments and coming back to win.

@ Chicago Bears (3-8)

I am not exactly sure what to make of the Bears this year. I am not the biggest believer of Justin Fields and their overall team is just not very good, but they have stayed in games more than not. Still, this Eagles' team should not underestimate anyone. Fields have turned into pretty much the only offensive weapon that Chicago has.

Still, the Bears defense is not a good one and the Eagles should not have a problem scoring on them, but the defense really has to play laterally in order to force Fields into throwing and making mistakes.

@ Dallas Cowboys (7-3)

Not only is Dallas one of the few teams hot on the Eagles' heels for the conference, but they are also knocking on the door for the division. Being 2.5 games behind the Birds helps to give them some cushion, but Philadelphia's margin for error is very small.

This game is the only remaining game on the Eagles' schedule that they are not favored in, but that is not the storyline of this matchup. The story of this matchup is that it can decide the division or it might not mean anything at all. Time will tell.

With everything still in front of the Eagles, it truly is up to them and saying they decide their own fate is just not bringing enough justice to what is at stake. Ultimately, I think Philly will finish out the season 14-3.

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