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Eagles' 2022 Mock Draft 4.0

With what the Philadelphia Eagles have at stake with the other draft picks that they hold, this is always an ever evolving list of who could potentially be there for the Birds to select. If the season where to end today, the Eagles would have the 5th, 11th, and 15th overall picks in the first round.

This 2022 NFL Draft has an abundance of talent, especially on defense, which Philadelphia can certainly use to help bolster their team. As the Eagles are about to enter into Week 11 of the season, there are definitely glaring holes in which this team needs help in. Okay, enough talk, let’s get down to business and see who this team can get their hands on.

1st Round

5th Overall Pick: Via Miami – The Philadelphia Eagles select:
George Karlaftis, Edge – Purdue.

Just like cornerback, this draft class is also heavy with defensive end talent. As previously stated in our other mock drafts, the likely hood of Derek Barnett being here is extremely slim next year. Not to mention Brandon Graham is not getting any younger. That means the Eagles are going to be on the lookout for a big, fast, and high motor pass rusher and Purdue’s star edge rusher, George Karlaftis, is just the guy they could be looking for.

Karlaftis is a projected starting edge rusher who can lineup in a multitude of formations and get home with minimal effort in all of them. Through strong hands and long arms, the current Junior can bulldoze even the best tackles and has the twitch to create pressure on the most veteran quarterback. The two biggest draw backs with Karlaftis is his ability to play the run and his overall experience. With that being said, the Eagles would be lucky to have him.

11th Overall Pick: The Philadelphia Eagles select:
Jaquan Brisker, Safety – Penn State.

Jaquan has had an interesting story through his college career. The JUCO transfer had originally projected as a 2nd round pick, but from his ability in 2020 and what he has shown so far in 2021, he has quickly climbed the power rankings as one of the best draft picks in this year’s draft. Brisker, sitting at 6’1” is a big and physical player. He has the ability to play to the ball and will force receivers to make contested catches at the catch point.

The biggest draw back to the Nittany Lion is his overall experience. He is not as polished as some may want, but his natural ability in making explosive plays or pass break ups makes him an interesting pick. He is better suited for being a strong safety and could bolster the Eagles secondary in a big way.

14th Overall Pick: Via Colts: The Philadelphia Eagles select:
Jordan Davis, IDL – Georgia.

Concerned about the Eagles’ run defense? If the birds draft Jordan Davis it should silence many concerns. Davis, who is 6’6” and 340 pounds, has the ability to block any gap and his going to be almost next to impossible to push out for a block. The Georgia Bulldog has explosive hands and has a great deal of power coming of the snap which will allow him to give even the best of offensive linemen trouble.

He is an extremely versatile player who can overpower whoever he is lining up against and get to whoever is holding the ball. The only draw back to Davis, and can be worked on, is his first step explosion from the snap. However, as mentioned earlier, his power can make up for a lot of it.

Who would you want to take in this draft?

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