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10 Free Agents the Eagles Should Target in 2022, and yes, this list includes a QB.

Going into the 2021 season, Philadelphia Eagles' fans knew it was going to be rough but maybe not to the extent it has been so far. There have been flashes of both excitement and disappointment, with more of those moments being disappointing. Philadelphia has shown they holes on both offense and defense despite having quality players on both sides of the ball. The Birds will have to fill these holes through the draft with their plethora of picks (Eagles’ Draft Picks Weekly Update: Week 8) and free agency is a great way to get some veterans on the team. Below are ten guys who I think the Eagles should target if they are available:

1. Allen Robinson – Robinson was just franchised tagged by the Bears last offseason after trying to come together to reach a long-term deal but never reached an agreement. Due to this, it is pretty likely Robinson will be looking for a new home in 2022. Pairing the big-bodied wide receiver opposite of young DeVonta Smith could really open up the offense and make a young quarterback’s life much easier. Robinson has truly never played with a decent quarterback so getting him to Philadelphia we could see what Robinson’s potential skyrocket.

2. Mike Williams – Williams will be entering his sixth season in the NFL in 2022 and he has really taken off this year. He has emerged as a top target for the Chargers so there is a good chance that Los Angeles tries to keep him. But if they can’t pay him, getting him to Philadelphia would be best for his career as he would come in as the new WR1.

3. Cordarrelle Patterson – Patterson has been one of the leagues most exciting players since he entered the league in 2013. This season he has shown his ability to take over games as a playmaker with the ball in his hand as the Falcons have used him as both a receiver and a running back. The Eagles could really use a guy like this with this much talent.

4. Terron Armstead – The 30 year old left tackle has allowed no sacks this season, and with the Eagles’ offensive line in question, he could come in and be a veteran with experience who could protect our quarterback.

5. Chandler Jones – Jones and the Cardinals were at a bad place to start 2021 as Jones was upset when the team with his contract and when Arizona acquired J.J. Watt it seemed to be the final nail in the coffin. He has played this season and has played well, but it doesn’t look like he will want to stay in Arizona. He would be an excellent improvement on the edge compared to keeping Derrek Barnett (who is also a free agent in 2022).

6. Dante Fowler Jr – Eagles’ fans remember being teased in 2020 with a tweet from Fowler Jr about coming to Philly when ultimately he ended up in signing with Atlanta. He is currently on the IR with a knee injury and his return this season is still up in the air. That being said, when healthy he could bring some energy on the edge.

7. Dont’a Hightower – Hightower is a name probably not expected on this list but he would be a guy who could bring experience to a deflated linebacker core. Hightower has won in New England and could bring that winner’s mentality to Philadelphia and help mentor the younger guys on the team.

8. Tryann Mathieu – The “Honeybadger” is still one of the top safeties in the NFL and the Eagles could really use a leader on defense. He has anchored the Chiefs defense the past few years as they have been contenders since he joined the team. Adding Mathieu could bring experience and an incredible football IQ to a defense that is in need of both.

9. Donte Jackson – Jackson is a young and talented corner that now has a few years of experience under his belt. The Eagles added Darius Slay and Steven Nelson which have worked out for now but pairing Jackson with them could elevate the Bird’s secondary to an elite level. Utilizing his speed and ballhawking skills, the Eagles’ defensive schemes could evolve and keep opposing teams guessing each week.

10. Marcus Mariota – Now before you read this, know that I think the Eagles should bring in Mariota as a backup. Mariota is in desperate need of a fresh start and based on Sirianni’s offensive scheme he could flourish in Philadelphia if given a chance. His arm is still solid and he is smart with his legs, Mariota could be an excellent fit to the Eagles’ offense.

What side of the ball needs the most help? Who do you want the Eagles to pick up? Comment below and interact with me on Twitter @John_Pentol_

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