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Has Brandon Brooks already played his last snap as an Eagle?

So, if you are like most Philly fans, you are probably wondering where in the world in the Philadelphia Eagles' Pro Bowl right guard, Brandon Brooks. Well, do not worry because you are not alone. If you all can remember, Brooks went down in Week 2 of this season with a pectoral injury.

After the news broke of Brooks heading to IR, head coach Nick Sirianni did not shed much light on the situation outside of he will miss some time. Fellow teammate, Lane Johnson, stated that this injury was going to take at least eight weeks to recover from. Though we appreciate Johnson for that insight, he is not exactly a doctor.

The Eagles had completely turned around the ten-year veterans career when he was signed in free agency back in 2016 from the Houston Texans. With three Pro Bowls underneath his belt, Brooks was highly regarded as one of the best offensive guards in the NFL and rightfully so.

However, over the past few seasons, the veteran has not been able to stay healthy. In fact, in the past two seasons, Brooks has only played two games, not including him missing two games in the post season from 2018 and 2019. Sirianni did finally shed some light to his injury in this past weeks press conference about Brooks.

Sirianni stated that they will not know any status until after the bye week. Which is kind of odd. I mean honestly, how do you not know if he is going to be good to go soon or not?


The truth to the matter is, we as fans may not see Brooks play another snap as an Eagle. It was no secret that the Birds were shopping him around before the beginning of the season and with Brooks missing pretty much the last two seasons due to injuries, it may be time for them to part ways.

Brooks has the third highest salary cap hit next year and this will also be the first year that the dead money is less then his total cap hit. With the Eagles trying to rebuild and shed some of its older players, Brooks finds himself greatly into that category. If Philly were to cut brooks post June 1st, they would gain almost 14 million dollars in cap space.

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